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Weird Controller Issue - OG Trilogy Games Not Just GTA III


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Okay, so I can't say for Vice City, because I still can't get that game to work on my new gaming lappy. But I can verify with San Andreas and GTA III that my bluetooth XBox One Controller is connected to Steam games and my PC, but isn't working with SA and III, which are not the Steam versions, but the original versions. The weird part of this is that the games work with my 360 Wireless controller + Dongle. I confirmed that my XBox One controller is connected both to my PC and Steam via Bluetooth, but seem not to be recognized by the OG versions of III and SA.


Any idea why? I get the feeling this is just an oddity due to the sheer age of these games, but maybe there is a fix. Or so I hope. I can continue using my 360 wireless controller, which works both for Steam and GTA games. But if there is a fix to allow me to use my XBox One controller, it is a much better feeling controller to me.


Thanks in advance! :)



Edit: Okay, this is one of the reasons why I find tech so amusing and interesting, even when it can often be frustrating. I think I found a sort of, kind of workaround that I can live with if the Bluetooth won't work. On a whim, I decided to see if it was really a controller issue or a Bluetooth issue, since the OG GTA games work so incredibly well with the 360 controller. So I decided to ignore the Bluetooth functionality and simply connected the XBox One controller to the PC with a micro usb cable. Worked like a charm. So if it turns out the problem is that GTA games from lol 20 years ago simply can't handle Bluetooth, I can at least play them with the XBox One controller if it is plugged into a USB port. Fun fact, I guess.

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