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Is It Possible to Create Something Like This? [GTA SA Classic]


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6 hours ago, ArmanCan said:

That's what i called PERFECTION

Yeah. I'm quite happy with these scripts. You have what you originally wanted, plus a bit more. The end results looks a lot better than I had originally imagined. I think we can pretty much call the current project done. I still want to expand to a larger project, but at this point you are off the hook for creating things yourself. I'll still post updates and hope you'll help test things out, but please don't feel obliged due to your original request for help.


The extra lines at the end of the Player Skills list could be cleaned up. Or leave them in while play testing for conflicts with missions. Or tweak those lines to display whatever temporary info you're curious about at the time.


What happens if the player's current armor is set to infinite using the Savegame Editor 3.x? I'm not expecting the infinite float to crash the script, but I have no idea what number might be displayed.


Nice work, btw. And thanks for all the help.

Edited by OrionSR
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18 minutes ago, OrionSR said:

You have what you originally wanted, plus a bit more


Yes absolutely!!.. the extra lines doesn't disturb me so they can stay 😉


It is always YOUR WORK OrionSR.. i'm still reading your scientific comments and finding weird but everytime you explain something to me i'm having more ideas from you and things are getting make sense.. Thank you OrionSR and i think i will see you on my next idea.. 🙂

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@ArmanCan Would you like to test drive the new control script?


Sidekick Status Monitor for GTASA Classic

  • Disable your current list scripts. I've got a Cleo\Disabled\ folder I drop scripts into when not in use.
  • Install all files to your cleo folder. (Uninstall by removing all sidekick.* and *.sk files.)
  • Source text is included within the scripts. Decompile with Sanny Builder and answer yes to the prompt.
  • Two new lists; crime stats and game stats. I put these together rather quickly using your stat ID file. Thanks.
  • The Sidekick control script won't display any lists when first installed. You need to turn the panels on.
  • Enable the right panel by holding the right bracket key "]" for 1.5 seconds.
  • Hold the left bracket "[" to enable or disable the left panel.
  • Flip through the different lists by tapping right or left bracket.
  • Save your preferred list to each panel by pressing P+bracket.
  • Save the panel as inactive on startup/reload by saving while the panel is off.
  • Hotkeys for the panels, the modifier key for saving, and hold time, can be configured in the INI file.
  • The right panel will be auto-disabled while on a mission. I'm not sure I like this idea.
  • New or modified list-scripts can be found or reloaded by flipping through or toggling the lists. No need to reload a save.

I'm having issues with crashes when reloading a save, but I don't think the problem is related to the scripts. Please let me know if you notice any problems with reloading saves. 


Any comments would be appreciated. I'm not particularly worried about the quality of the lists at this time. The new lists were slapped together quickly so I'd have enough to start testing the new control script. I'm very interested in observations of how well the control script manages the lists.

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3 hours ago, OrionSR said:

The right panel will be auto-disabled while on a mission. I'm not sure I like this idea.


Hello OrionSR 😃.. how about "Transfender"? Transfender uses the left side so i think left panel must be disabled during Transfender modifications 😉


I'm doing a test drive this RTSM and it seems working really well.. You better share your file to your friends 🙂 

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6 hours ago, ArmanCan said:

You better share your file to your friends 🙂 

If you are talking about sharing the text file source for the scripts, the text is included in the compiled scripts (SB option: Add extra info to SCM). The .sk files are just normal .cs files with a different extension. Decompile with Sanny and it'll pull out the text for you. My concern is that extracting the text files to the cleo folder will complicate uninstallation or updates considerably. Maybe I should add a Sidekick sub-folder with the source files.


Ever use Mod Loader?  I haven't; I always install mods manually, so I'm not sure how to distribute files in a Mod Loader friendly manner.


7 hours ago, ArmanCan said:

how about "Transfender"?

Yeah, that one is tricky. The external script doesn't set Om1, so it won't disable the right panel either. I don't think a simple $OnMission check is going to work out very well in the long run, but it effectively tests that the control script can disable the panels as needed. I've give some more thought into a more effective strategy, in the meantime the question is: 


Is the ability to toggle the panels off and on as needed good enough? Is a more complex solution really needed?


FYI: Sidekick should display a message if it can't find any lists to display, but it is not prepared to handle a missing INI file. I plan to implement a routine to create a default INI if none is found in a future update.


And now that the control script is working at a basic level, more and better list scripts are needed. I'm not sure where I'd direct my attention next.

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On 1/18/2022 at 4:06 AM, ArmanCan said:

Transfender uses the left side so i think left panel must be disabled during Transfender modifications 😉

I think I found an elegant solution to the screen conflict problems. What I like about this strategy is that the autohide feature is easy to code and has a very good chance of compatibility with unknown cleo scripts and custom main.scm files. 

  • Working - Player can de-activate panels that are conflicting with unusual on-screen elements.
  • Needs update - Right panel is disabled when on a mission. An update will find the on mission status for a non-standard main.scm.
  • Testing well - Left panel is disabled when a mini-mission (casino game) is active or a text box is displayed.
  • Coding in progress - Player can override disabled active panels (turn off autohide).

BTW, I really like the idea of adding a HUD component (coords, etc) to the Sidekick control script and have been giving it a lot of thought.

  • Implement with Backslash ("\") as the default hotkey.
  • Same controls to activate, switch and save as panel lists.
  • Does not autohide. Hud scripts need to hide themselves if necessary.
  • Can be displayed anywhere. Panel lists have strict rules; these are freeform.
  • Switch between top line, bottom line, near radar, left of HUD, color and size preference, etc.
  • Should be easy to convert and manage existing HUD scripts. Thread/script name and extension need tweaking.
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