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the Redwhitemirrors org-crew REDW


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The social club link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/redwhitemirrors_org/wall

The Platform:PC.




looking for crew members to make bussiness with- only the permament members accepted.

salaries are 5k-10k paid by the securoserv.

i own mc money factory and cocaine lock up on my second character, on the securoserv i own the  smaller warehouse and the medium warehouse which is very close to my own ceo office:) ; i own the bunker too.

on my first character i own kosatka, terrorbyte,the special vehicle warehouse,the bunker, the nightclub and the hangar.

i have plans to trade down my the maze bank west office into the maze bank tower office for the 2.400.000$ gta 5 dollars and then buy the logistics depot warehouse with the 111 crates 1.560.000$ total 3,96 mill $; then i have the vehicle warehouse and the closest warehouse from the maze bank tower office so theres less miles from the mazebank tower into my warehouses.

i steal my supplies, and i hope we can sell more products when we have more members in my crew.

suggesting to fill the snacks fully for free in my securoserv office, when ur running low on snacks, just to make sure ur not going to get killed too, bodyarmors are optional, as they are not free.the-crew-emblem_1.png

the crews emblem.


p.s. if u feel already bored or suspecting that ur going to leave soon, do not hesitate to join my crew i only want members who are eager to help me to run my bussiness.

as the ceo i will kick any members who looks like not doing anything productive or just being afk for the most time, ill also report any members who use the text chat wrong way, or against my own values.

after all i hope we are going to make millions together, vacations are possible just message me when u want to be on the vacation, because i can do everything solo too, the only reason im recruiting members is that i hope, and guess that i can make more money with more members.

i can as well unfriend any members who feels/looks like boring, or judging from their own behaviour during the bussiness hours, or looks some other way unproductive or unprofessional.

lets keep it real,original and as professional as possible people.

hope u join my crew, if u agree and accept to the terms below.

i will change my name the following day, when the year 2022 beings/starts to the redwhitemirror20 dont hesitate to contact, if u feel like it.

Edited by Redwhitemirror20
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