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[ASI] AutoID3000


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Hey y'all, what's up? I present my most ambitious mod yet:





Anyone who's ever installed a mod for this game has, at one point or another, come across the concept of what I call 'ID-entities'. The most common ID-entities include:

  1. Ped Models
  2. Vehicle Models
  3. Object Models
  4. Weapon Types
  5. Weapon Models
  6. et cetera

In the list above, each ID-entity is manually assigned a unique integral ID from a small pool which they mostly share based on function; e.g., the ped / vehicle/ object / weapon model ID pool, the weapon type ID pool, et cetera.

Every ID-entity requires an ID, and while it is relatively easy to assign an ID to an ID-entity, the probability of this ID being reused (and crashing the game with error 0x5B6B2F or 0x534134 at best, or causing severe bugs at worst) is quite high, especially between two different mods. Moreover, reassigning such an ID is a very tedious task:

  1. Find all occurrences of the reused ID (frequently ambiguous).
  2. Find a free ID (if any is available).
  3. Replace all the occurrences of the reused ID with the free ID (may not even be possible if the reused ID is used as a constant in compiled code).

This issue severely limits the appeal and potential of mods that add ID-entities instead of replacing the ones already existing.


Well, enter AutoID3000: Automating this hassle is the least of what it can do!



  • Complete rewrite and port to ASI of the original: 
  • Automatically assigns IDs to ID-entities in mods that are explicitly adapted to AutoID3000.
  • Keeps save files clear of any entities added to the game through AutoID3000 and saves their data in external files, meaning that such mods can be uninstalled at any time. WIP: No GRGX support for now.
  • Robust integration of fastman92 Limit Adjuster to allow automated, flexible and portable limit-adjusting across multiple mods.
  • Complete Mod Loader support: enabled / disabled mods, profiles, et cetera.
  • Extremely-user-friendly logging and error-reporting system.
  • Scalable framework providing adequate support for almost every mod that reads IDs through text files.















Created by @HzanRsxa2959.


Edited by HzanRsxa2959
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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 3001:

  • Fixed a common crash that occurred when installing an added weapon adapted to AutoID3000 if the weapon limit was over 255, by capping the automatic increase in this limit to 255. Note that AutoID3000 itself did not cause this crash, but rather that almost every mod out there crashes the game if the weapon limit in FLA is set above 255. This limit can still be manually increased by either changing it in the fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini, or using the AutoID3000 section FLC: in an AUID3 file.
  • Fixed a random crash that could occur on some game setups when giving weapons adapted to AutoID3000 to the player upon loading a saved game.
  • Major refactoring of the code, thereby extending its scalability.
  • Added support for FLA blip sprites (AutoID3000 section BLP:).
  • Added support for loading of blip sprites from loose TXD files (AutoID3000 section BLT:); no more messing around with hud.txd just to add blips with unique names and icons on the legend, radar and map! Complements CLEO+ blips quite well.
  • Added support for FLA melee combos (AutoID3000 section MEL:).

Download Link

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  • 4 weeks later...

Update 3002:

  • Minor fixes and tweaks.
  • Minimized the number of file operations: now, AutoID3000 will read, write, copy and paste files only when absolutely necessary, essentially doing nothing if no adapted mods are installed.
  • Overhauled the file backup system.
  • Added support for FLA train type carriages (AutoID3000 section TRN:, with prefix ")" (closing bracket)).
  • Replaced endl with '\n', which considerably improves performance by not flushing to disk every file that is opened for writing after writing every line.
  • Added licenses for all used projects.
  • And now, the highlight: an exported API that provides Mod Loader support for every mod!

    Yes, that's right: AutoID3000 now exports an API that allows every- and I mean every- mod to have Mod Loader support! Includes priority as well! Visit this link to learn how to use it.


Download Link

Edited by HzanRsxa2959
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  • 1 month later...

Update 3003:

  • Overhauled Mod Loader integration, effectively replicating Mod Loader's file-searching behavior's characteristics including but not limited to: command line, parent profiles, ignored files, ignored mods, included mods, exclusive mods, conditional profiles etc. Also includes partial skipping of IDE files that don't have level lines. Still, for the less than 1% of edge-cases where this behavior is not 1:1 between Mod Loader and AutoID3000, do not hesitate to report it, and I will try my best to make it work.

Although having only one point, this is one of the most important updates that AutoID3000 has received.

Download Link

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