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Help needed - Missions are not triggering


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I recently began playing GTA IV for the first time and have come to a point in my gameplay where new missions are not triggering and have no idea what to do.


The following were the last missions I completed:


Dwayne Forge: Undress to Kill

Playbox X: Photo Shoot

Manny: The Puerto Rican Connection

Unknown Caller: Call and Collect -> Francis McReary Part I Final Interview

Mission tree (GTA IV) - WikiGTA - The Complete Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough


I cannot get The Holland Play, The Snow Storm, or Francis McReary Part II Final Interview to load, despite submitting my interview and having a suit with tie and dress shoes (For the life of me I cannot find a closed button up with tie, only open suit with tie).

All of my contacts stopped calling me or answering me when I call with the exception of Roman or Niko's girlfriends when I call and ask them to hangout. I've allowed weeks (within game time) to pass and have completed various side missions without any luck. Going back to the internet cafe and checking where I previously submitted the resume shows they are not currently hiring at this time.


What can I do to begin advancing/continuing the story again?



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