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weird glitch in gta 3


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So I Was playing gta 3 and i wanted to start a new game. Skipped the cutscene, entered the car, and flipped it somewhere around The Red Light District. Mission failed, but after the screen faded back the car was gone, the safe house icon was on the minimap and the wreck of the cars and the bridge are still there. Does anyone know how this happened? (Also i save the game using an airbreak mod because the door on the safehouse was locked.) savefile: https://gtasnp.com/VV37fo


here are some pics:


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I've never seen this one before. It seems others have managed to replicate it though. Pretty cool.




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I managed to reproduce it using the method in the video Earthbound linked. We use this glitch in the Chain Game when doing Starter Save Rounds. The reason the save is titled " missing" is because the game stores the GXT key of the last mission passed to create the save title. Since no missions have been passed yet, this key is just an empty string. When the game can't find the value of a GXT key, it returns "<key> missing" instead, hence the save title being " missing". Obviously the developers didn't intend for this scenario to occur. :D 

Also an interesting quirk: even though there is no mission marker, you can actually re-trigger the mission if you stand about here on the bridge.
It'll also trigger if you're in this location on the ground under the bridge, which is quite unusual. Only while on foot though. 


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Well, my computer loads textures of almost all buildings in very much low resolution sometimes

IDK why

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