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Vending Machines Potentially Cause Crashes and Corrupt Save Files

Mz. Hazey

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Just beat San Andreas. I think I might be on to something regarding the vending machines causing crashes and breaking save files. Long story short I posted earlier this week that I had a really bad issue in the Casino heist with the game crashing and messing up the save file when you get to the elevator to the roof (luckily I had multiple saves to load back from).  I was able to beat it finally by NOT using the Sprunk machines. Only difference that got me through. Same thing also happened to my boyfriend at the same mission and also with End of the Line right after he died past the


Big Smoke gun fight 

There is also a vending machine in that room that players are likely to use after losing their health during that part of the mission. Putting two and two together I think the vending machines are broken and somehow can potentially corrupt your save files. I have also seen a YouTube video with a guy having his game crash and files become corrupt after drinking too many sodas in a row. Really sucks and makes some of the gameplay much harder, but if it’s happening to you on certain missions where you use them, it is worth noting and maybe try to avoid them and see if the game doesn’t crash. Also reloading an old save and then reloading the last save sometimes can save the save file and get it working again. Happened to me twice during my play through. Just wanted to warn others. 

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Hayden Matthews

They didn't even mention that in the patch update? Well it looks like when I play this game I will have to order food to boost my health bar since there are no health pick ups like in GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. But the health pick ups are seen during gang wars not during free roam. Why not send a ticket to Rockstar to see if they can fix it in the next patch update?

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Not a bad idea. I will do that. I’m speculating about the End of the Line crash since it didn’t happen to me specifically, but I can definitely confirm the vending machine caused the Caligula crash. 

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