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UPDATE! Rail Den City Beta 9 Extended and Expanded with Trains! "Vanilla Objects" (MTASA map converted 2 singleplayer)


Who need traffic in my city?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Does this city need traffic? APE is useless but no way get to edit traffic nodes by hand just like train.nodes, This will increase a chance of interaction, even project wanted will make it fun beside ghost town at first, we got the train however, that's one.

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

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This is huge map wider then San Andreas, feature multiple areas with custom roads, custom enterable buildings, highways, etc.

The has tons of stations so you can find any train station you can ride however you won't able to enter a train.

If you have train spawn mod that allow you to warp inside the train, you can joy ride, to ,downtown, forest, tunnels, a dead-end beach.

Safehouse where put in new areas, there's 2 banks 1 in desert, 1 in streets, 3 enterable full apartments in downtown, streets, and dead-end beach, gun store in new areas (currently there's no cleo script at the moment), etc.

There's is Vacant COD4 added

There's Nuketown from COD Black Ops series but it's just straight and GTASA styled basic from Beta 5 but remains untouched.

Wasteland becomes a city and you'll no longer is the ruins after (Beta ūüėé

Now there are 14 track.dat in total, where you can see a spawning when pass-by.


Beta 9 is not final yet, until it get into the object limit. 

Currently that is a 100,000+ objects in total with use of custom roads, buildings, and stuff. I put alot of effort and beta testing

for any negative object rotation  and also I view in Mededit hunt samething. - I been fighting these negative rotation while I since create Cake City back then.

Here's what happens I set an object to angle X 10 Y 10 give me negative rotation,

but if I set an object angle X 10 Y 0 no negative rotation 

but if I set an object angle X 0 Y 10 also no negative rotation 

but if I set an object angle X 5 negative rotation 

I can only angle XY by 10s, 20s, 30s. Even this can be satisfied in the other way 300s, 350s etc. and 100% works anytime! Somehow some rotation with that bridge was Y 6 and lucky for me it is a positive rotation, there is few that are angle X or Y 4, 6. Negative rotation gets dump under the map to call this scraps, I might see that if your using airbreak.

Not this map has 100% negative rotation.






Known Iusses

Trains are still buggy whenever they get to the last coordinate where it loops also some trains warp to the first coordinates. wow.......I don't know to fix it.

I tired to enable path and set to 48000 just like the map world size it crashes for no reason so I turn that off. - I'll wait for the expert explain the problem
Tell me how I fix this train bug from locking upon a loop, what can I set in Fastman's Adjuster Limiter.


Old Description 


After a year ago of making Cake City, now Rail Den City much more bigger than Cake City, no more basic roads. 

2nd vanilla object with a massive area + trains in a loop. Exploring will be interesting in the city.

This map is currently in build, some area and interiors maybe unfinished.


This will come with train nodes, cleos mods, and parked cars to drive around the city (since there's no traffic at this point), easier get around with vehicles or use vehicle spawner mods.


Funny thing peds spawn inside the building which comes magic how they leave, peds drown on the ground becomes weirder. 






skatefilter5 Me creation of this whole map

Fastman' FLA (Fastman's adjusted limiter and Limit Adjuster) extended limits + train nodes



Multi Selection Tool Ultimate (Save Grouping and copy and paste any custom building and roads)

MTA Map Editor



Train nodes (by hand by pasting croods in Sanny Builder from the player, manage to airbreak to the ground to prevent trains floating 1.0+) Train Editor not needed

Sanny Builder with misc, trains, teleports, car generators and moving fences


      Map from (Beta 7)

Railcity BETA8 FULL MAP [GTASA map mod expansion]



Beta 9 (I'm afraid Cake City is absent due to too many objects)

GTA San Andreas Railcity Beta 9 Extended & Expand Mod - GTAinside.com


Beta 8 that includes Cake City

Download Rail Den City - Beta 8 for GTA San Andreas (libertycity.net)


Beta 7 (Wasteland Ruins in Desert)

Download Rail Den City Beta 7 - Full Island (Few Missions & Survival) for GTA San Andreas (libertycity.net)


New Screenshots from Beta 9 






















Old screenshot from Beta 5


Look want happens













Map preview (I have to view with SAMP construction since no ipl2ide) I disable the textures  due to not able to show objects on screen, better view tho.





Lack of streaming objects (Below) Take this view like the radar 



















Edited by skatefilter5
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  • 4 months later...
Posted (edited)



I got new videos. The first 2 contains the beta 9 alpha/beta build for the map. 


Edited by skatefilter5
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Total object count of this map is 103,895, yeah way alot like a milestone. It's insane for me to build a huge map back from last year where I start making this map to feature more train rides.





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