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What's going on with this game?


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So i really been tryin to like this game , but is it just me , or are the mechanics in the game really screwed? I mean every time i draw a weapon , it seems my other weapons disappear from me , i'm not even in a mission. They just keep flopping around for no reason. Also the save mechanic , i took the debt collector quest from the German guy at camp , rode all the way out to Emerald ranch area and ran into "Chick " , chased him down and got his treasure map. Looked around , couldn't find anything( i mean this map is a half scribbled picture that on this huge game map , how the heck am i supposed to know where this scribbled drawing is ? So i go out of game to find out . When i get back in the game , it appears i have no map now anymore , so i start back to find Chick and run into where Lilly Mullet is . I find her and this guy refuses to give up the debt money , so i am forced to fight him for it.After i do , i take the money and it says something about "i didn't steal it" it was a debt ) , so i head back to Chick and it says , " because of my crimes , this is not available at this time " , what crime? Fighting the guy who i was forced to fight to get the debt? So i wait around a bit to see if Chick shows up and in the meantime some deadly bounty hunters show up and kill me . Now i am out at the ranch area and there are no debt collector icons on the map anymore , and this quest does not show up in the chapter 2 list . Is this gone now? and i have to go all the way back to the camp to get the quest again? I just don't get whats happening here. Also , why so many different buttons to do things? Why not do it like other games and just have "E" for interact allow you to pick up things as well as interact and loot , instead " R" to pick up things and "E" to loot and interact?

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No clue what you mean by weapons disappearing. From the weapon wheel or from your character model? I suspect in the wheel because you say "flopping around", like if you have a Poison Throwing Knife and pick up a regular one you'll automatically switch to the regular one. Pain in the ass, I know. Otherwise, no clue.


For Chick's map, turn on your minimap. The search area will be highlighted yellow.


Bounty hunters chasing you might have glitched the mission. Usual fixes are either die or save/reload.


As for so many different buttons, simple fix: use a controller and/or remap your keys. You think what RDR2 offers is complex? You ought to check out some simulators, even those released two decades ago. There's so many functions that they ran out of keys and had to resort to combinations of two or more keys per function. That being said, I take it you're not too big into programming or photo/video editing. The complexity of default key combos in programs like VS Code and GIMP dwarfs RDR2's default keys.

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