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Cutter De Blanc

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Cutter De Blanc

So if you're in a vehicle, and you keep tapping right on the D-pad you'll eventually come to a radio station called Mixtape that's not on the radio wheel and only plays the static that plays when you change stations. What's the deal with that?

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Maybe they're planning to reintroduce the custom soundtrack feature in a later patch.


Are you talking about the PC or console version?

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Cutter De Blanc
5 hours ago, Ivan1997GTA said:

Maybe they're planning to reintroduce the custom soundtrack feature in a later patch.


Are you talking about the PC or console version?

Console, PS4

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4 hours ago, Cutter De Blanc said:

Console, PS4

Since you're on console, it's likely that the Mixtape station is only showing up because it's either a leftover from the original mobile ports that GSG forgot to remove from the console version of DE, or it's a glitch (a mixture of both wouldn't surprise me, though).


The fact that it's still present in some shape or form means it'd probably be possible for GSG and/or modders to restore custom music on PC; it's baffling that it's not already there, because every GTA since III has had the feature.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've encountered this on PC. I've had the static before, but this time, K-Jah West played for a couple of tracks.  After that, a commercial from one station played, then silence. Getting back in/on the vehicle started a commercial from another station, then silence again. Definitely bugged.


Edited by OniMessiah
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  • 2 weeks later...

"MIXTAPE" is what War Drum Studios renamed the User Tracks Player from San Andreas, it only ever worked on the iOS versions of the game as it linked to an iTunes playlist. If nothing is available then default radio behaviour is to play next loaded in line, normally that's either static or commercials but sometimes you'll get a jump from another radio station in there. So what is it doing in the DE's? Well, it's just broken code.

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