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How to change name of cars?


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Hi! I installed the GTA III: HD Vehicles Tri-Pack and noticed a bunch of badges on the cars. How car I change the name of the cars to match the badges? I have the original steam edition.


Any help appreciated. Thanks

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I know how to change them in San Andreas, but it's basically the same for III.


You need to open the .gxt files in your "text" folder inside the main directory of the game. You need a GXT editor for it.


Then you search the car name in the "MAIN" table entry, and then you edit the car name in the text field.

Do not change the name field, because it's the one that's used in vehicles.ide to search the car name in the .gxt file!


If you can't find the name of a specific car, you might take a look in the vehicles.ide file (which is in your data folder) and then find the name of it. Some names are shortened due to engine limits.



The video is for San Andreas, but the process is the same. You might want to use a different GXT editor though.

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