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GTA IV clip recording duration


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I started playing GTA IV again and used the record clip feature a few times, but it only records on average 15 seconds. I remember it recording longer clips before even though I was on a weaker PC. Do you guys know if there's a way to increase the duration somehow? With a mod or by editing a file, etc.? I couldn't find any help on this topic online.


Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance! :)

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Unfortunately I don't think there's much you can do in terms of lengthening. I believe the recording feature will go as long as it believes something is 'happening' and I think the maximum is usually about a minute. When I used to record GTA IV stuff, I'd make sure to hit F2 as soon as something started to happen and hit F2 periodically as it was happening, so you could then piece the clips together.


It might also be due to your setup. I think it might make it shorter, depending on your space and CPU power. Where ever your clips save, be sure you have plenty of space!

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