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Flashback FM now?


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As the guy says on Flashback FM it plays "all the songs you were tired of 20 years ago".

Obviously a joke but R* did stay true to this roughly, as in LCS its set in 1998 and most of the songs on its Flashback FM were released in 1978

Same goes for GTA 3 it is set in late 2001 and the songs from 1982 (scarface soundtrack)

So my point is, does that mean that Flashback FM right now would sound like Head Radio and Lips 106 did in 2001? lol

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Who knows, might be. Though to me it appears that 80s culture (thus music as well) was and is more popular than early 2000s culture therefore 80s music had less freshness to them 20 years after than early 2000s music. But that's just my perspective. Good theory though.

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