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DYOM Save Game Addon (for Dyom v8.1)


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- SIZZZ for DYOM# (Author of the code that this mod is based on)

- GTA Loyalty (Author of the original mod)

- Ricah/Classique Games (For the code to store weapons)

- VanBross/Dyom Productions (Bug fixes and improvements; "Load Weapons In Mission" script)




Hello everyone, I am happy to present this mod that, I hope, will forever change the way DYOM Storylines are played.

As the name implies, this mod saves various aspects of the player's game during a StoryLine. Among these characteristics we can find:

-          Save the player's position.

-          Save the player's money

-          Save the player's armor.

-          Save the exact time of day.

-          Save the weather.

-          Save the interior.

-          - Life is fully regenerated when you load the progress.

-          When you save indoors the time will advance 6 hours, if you save outdoors the time will not advance.

-          Reset the search level to zero when you load game.

-          Save the player's weapons.

-          Recover your saved weapons when starting a mission.


So when you exit the game, go back in and load your progress, you will have all this back, as if it were a real GTA.



Pick your favorite link


Google Drive








- Put the folder "DYOM Savegame Addon" in the modloader, or if you prefer, copy the folder "cleo" to your GTA SA.

- Put the file "DSL-PROGRESS_DYOM.ini" in the DSL folder of your SL. (If you do not put it there, the information will not be saved and, when loading the progress, you will appear in the underworld)




- Save and load your game as usual (Y + N).

- When you start a mission, the mod will load the weapons you last saved automatically.


That's all, have fun playing old and new DYOM SLs with this Addon.

If you are a creator of Storylines, and you want to add this mod to your download, feel free to do. As long as you crediting those responsible for this mod.






Demo Video



Showcase Mod (ESP)


















- If you have more or less than one hundred dollars before loading the game, the mod will not load the money you have saved. Therefore, as soon as you enter the SL, load your game.

- Las armas como cuerpo a cuerpo, regalos y equipo especial no se cargarán al iniciar una misión, a menos que lleves un arma de fuego al mismo tiempo.




- If in a mission you have a climate change objective before an objective that transports the player, the screen will go black if these objectives are followed by a cinematic.

- If you create missions with this mod installed, the player's game will be saved and loaded over and over again when you open the DYOM menu. It is not recommended to edit your missions with the mod installed.

Edited by VanBross
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