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Misplaced object in the parking lot near 8-ball in GTA III


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First, the location at the map:




And here the problem:

The streetlight in the original GTA III is positioned correctly (the object rendered/displayed matches the collision object), but in the Definitive Edition is misplaced (it's rendered/displayed to the left -according to the screenshot- BUT the object collision is in other position, the position from the original GTA III)






Perhaps it should be better, instead of move (because if you move the streetlight you should also move that hanging ropes) , "copy" the object or put other similar object in that original position (dotted line).

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Still not fixed on the patch 1.05.


Perhaps the better solution is just to remove the collision object.

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Now, on mobile/netflix version, the issue still remain, but in "inverse way".


The texture is on the right, but the collision in on the left.

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