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VC DE Savefile corrupted?


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My main save file is crashing the game (fatal error) and I wonder if it can be restored somehow.

I managed to upload it to GtaSnP (https://gtasnp.com/HeXBas) and it seems that all the data is in there, but something inside is making it crash.

Could someone check if that save opens on their PC? It's a real bummer, because I was quite close to 100%...

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It doesn't load for me either. Tried yesterday and again today after today's update.

Even if we could identify the problem, we currently aren't able to edit save files.

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Thanks for checking. I also hoped that maybe update will fix it, but no luck.

I guess I will wait for save editor and later recreate my save file.

That's what happens when you always save in a single slot :(

Btw Autosave in this game is useless, because it overwrite itself with manual save, so if your manual save is screwed that also means your autosave is screwed. Bad design.

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