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Some PS5 glitches

woke ellie

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Just posting all the encounters I ran into during my playthrough of San Andreas, a lot that I haven't seen brought up. I was able to 100% the game without any game breaking bugs (except Doberman crashing and the cheating script for girlfriends making the game run at a critical error state until event ended).



Some things I did notice that I didn't capture

-gang cars spawning in during gang wars but despawning in the distance within a 5 second window

-railroad crossing are always opening as if a train had just passed

-pressing horn activates most secondary sirens on police vehicles chasing you

-rotating the camera is too restricted in all  vehicles/jetpack (locks in one angle or resets the camera behind the vehicle too soon

-the alarm in black project is looping fine but is broken in vertical bird

-2 player doesn't exist

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