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More Trees in San Andreas Reloaded [GTA SA]


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Presenting a new mod, made in collaboration with Emmanual23:

More Trees in San Andreas Reloaded



More Trees in San Andreas Reloaded adds dense, realistic forests to many areas of the map. Emmanual23's original work focused on adding realistic tree cover in Los Santos and San Fierro. Now, I have completed the mod by adding extremely thick forests to appropriate areas of the map. These include large swathes of Red County and more than half of Whetstone, as well as the Cordillera (wilderness north of SF).


This mod completely changes the feel and vibe of the more rural areas of San Andreas. The dense, thick tree cover serves to bring back that feeling of wonder and amazement we had as children when first playing GTA SA. The Back o' Beyond feels truly rural and completely isolated. North rock feels foreboding, thick and impenetrable. Entering Red County is truly a sight to behold as the majestic redwoods and pine trees rise at the edge of Los Santos, creating an almost RDR-esque feeling of unease. Angel Pine feels truly nestled at the edge of the world.



gallery97.jpg gallery95.1.jpggallery93.jpggallery89.jpggallery88.jpggallery84.jpggallery83.jpg


Download and instruction:

As GTAGarage does not allow new mods anymore, I had to host this on Moddb:



Unzip "More Forests in San Andreas" to your modloader folder.

If you're not using modloader, you'll have to do the following steps:

-Go into the downloaded archive. Open "More Forests in San Andreas". Open the "data" folder. The IPL files contained within need to go to:
[Your game directory]\data\maps

-Go to [your game directory]\data and open gta.dat with a text editor.

-Add the following lines at the end of the file:

IPL data\maps\MTISA_LA.IPL
IPL data\maps\MTISA_SF.IPL
IPL data\maps\countrye_addition.IPL
IPL data\maps\countryw_addition.IPL
IPL data\maps\countrys_addition.IPL
IPL data\maps\countrys_addition2.IPL
IPL data\maps\countrys_addition3.IPL
IPL data\maps\cordillera.IPL



Important information and Performance Information:

This addon has NOT been tested with missions, and it's almost certain that the sheer amount of trees mess with at least a couple of missions in some way


Performance-wise this mod may reduce your frames by 2-4fps in certain areas of Red County. Whetstone is more optimized and the trees there don't really cut down any frames even though there are a LOT of them.


I am using fastman's limit adjuster as well as the Open Limit Adjuster. I assume you may run into memory streaming problems with this mod if you try and run it on a completely bare-bones install of GTA SA. If you encounter issues related to textures getting "smooth", disappearing, or turning into the LOD versions, try using fastman's limit adjuster, open limit adjuster, and checking to see if there is some kind of Memory Stream Limit fix that you can use.


Furthermore, I am still struggling with implementing LODs in the Map Editor and as such, none of these new trees have LOD versions. That means that they often won't appear until you get close enough. This effect can be worse if you don't have the various limit adjusters, the pop-up may be really bad. If I can get someone to help explain to me LODs and the like, I can look into making all these trees have a LOD model which could help a LOT.


EDIT: I got LODs to work!! They work great (performance drops a bit more, but it's not that bad). Make sure to download the most recent version of the mod.


Original mod:


Edited by GTAIVisbest
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