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SA DE: Desert Eagle weapon skill not going up.


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Hi everyone,


I am already at 100% completion of the game (thankfully the latest patch resolved the issue with Blood Bowl in San Fierro) but I still am yet to complete a 1000G on my playthrough. The issue I am experiencing is related to weapon skill upgrades - every weapon in-game I managed to successfully upgrade up to Hitman level, but I fail to do so with Desert Eagle. No matter how many shots I take, the meter does not move at all. This issue I have experienced on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


My friend who plays the game on PC had similar issue but managed to work his way around it by creating a copy of save file, entering the cheat for max weapon skills, shooting once with Desert Eagle, then loading back up his normal save - this apparently fixed the issue for him. I tried the same on Xbox but to no avail.


Are you aware of this bug? Are there any workarounds discovered? I tried searching this forum and web but I haven't found anything related to that.


Any help would be appreciated!

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