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Buggy Slamvan mods and things


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I'll start off with a bug that affects many modified vehicles. You'll see right away what I mean in this pic.



The rear wheel covers should be white like the rest of the vehicle, but they are some sort of gold/brown color. This happens whenever I put my car in a safehouse garage and pull out. It will cycle to a random color for the wheel covers. This bug happens to other vehicles as well, such as the Savanna after you add a roof to it, both roof types will change to a random color after pulling out of your safehouse garage. Happens with fenders you buy for the street race type cars as well, fenders will change to random colors separate from the rest of the vehicle. I've seen other users report this issue, so I just wanted to get this one out of the way since R*/GSG is likely aware by now. 


Moving on...





Invisible exhaust pipes. This is another bug I've seen on other vehicles as well, it doesn't seem to affect as many cars as the first bug I listed, but it is still wide spread from what I've experienced. There should be exhaust pipes on the left and right sides of the Slamvan in these pics, however only the right exhaust renders. The left still sputters out smoke despite being invisible however.


Next on the list:



Rear bullbar option for the back bumpers clips with the vehicle. That's all that has to be said on this one.


Now here's what driving in first person looks like when you add bullbars to the front grille of the Slamvan:





Probably shouldn't be able to see the grille floating in space when driving in first person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Also, one final thing to mention. There are two variants of the Slamvan in the original SA. Both look identical except for one thing; one version has a normal looking steering wheel; the second variant has a chain steering wheel which looks really cool imo. I always go for the second one. In this edition there seems to only be the chain version, which I'm mostly ok with because that's the one I would have wanted anyway. But still, it would be nice to have both.


That's all the issues I've seen with this vehicle, if I missed any feel free to add. I just hope the developers see this and fix it so I can get back to pimping this thing out. It's my favorite lowrider.

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On 11/20/2021 at 7:45 PM, Tacymist said:



Introducing.. the Next-gen Part that can fly on it's on

The Slamgrille

This joke aged like expired milk

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