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[Mission/Physics] Zero's "New Model Army" mission has severe physics issues


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Game Version: GTA SA TDE PC V1.0.0.14388

Zero's "New Model Army" mission has severe physics issues which may prevent a player from finishing it or playing it as intended.
Both the platforms and the barrels have collision problems.

The RC Bandit sometimes goes through the barrels dropped by Berkley or placed by default.
The metal plate bridges spazzes out when the player attempts to hold them with the RC Helicopter's magnet.

They will not only move from their designed location but they may clip onto the walls of the arena making it impossible to pick them up, leading the player to failure.


Suggested workaround or solution (for the devs if you see this): Make their physics inactivated until the player actively picks them up with the magnet. Use a flag (bool or something).

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