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Vice City - BIKE physics


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1.  Stoppies are screwed up. I guess they intended to make stoppies easier - and they kinda did, but broke its physics. You can manage to perform a stoppie even without pressing the handbreak - backward+tilt_forward is enough, like in San Andreas (easy to do on 30 fps, also possible on 60). But when your bike starts to tilt forward it suddenly pops up and it looks ugly. Also you can easily overtilt and fall off your bike while performing it on 30 fps lock - not cool (yeah, fps still have much impact on the physics). Landing into a stoppie from a ramp is also way harder now.


2. Tommy holds on a bike much better now. And again I guess they intended to make bike controls easier, like in San Andreas, but it's even easier than in SA on full bike skill upgrade - you don't fall from a bike no matter how you flip it in the air, you can overtilt backward while performing a wheelie without falling (btw - camera angle while performing a wheelie is awful) and you can even ride backwards on a full speed without falling. Actually I like it - it's good for stunts. But sometimes it looks too ridiculous.

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