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Worst island to do Paramedic missions on?


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Now I didn't wanna make a poll to make it look skewed since most will vote SSV without having actually beating it there, I'm curious about people who've actually completed it on all 3 islands. I have, and it wasn't until last night that I did it on Staunton Island for the first time, by choice. And yes, there's the crusher glitch but I prefer not using it since it takes the challenge out, I ain't blaming anyone for using it though, it's surely handy but this isn't a thread about that.


1. Portland is obviously the best, takes between 35 and 45 minutes to beat, it's supposed to be fast paced so the timing will be pretty tight and you have to haul ass. Also, if either of the gangs hate you you're sh*t out of luck and you can't complete it because you'll catch fire pretty much early on. 


2. Staunton Island, takes between 80 and 90 minutes to beat, and it really isn't time based, just patience based. You get so much time that you don't need to actually rush at all. Since Colombians will always hate you, the simple trick is to always just avoid that area and approach the hospital from the side, that's it. Only get inside their territory when you know there's a patient there. The key is just to drive slowly (not too slowly) and not damage the ambulance too much. And you gotta do it before the Yardies start hating you.


3. Shoreside Vale, takes between 55 and 65 minutes to beat. It's actually not that hard as people make it out to be, and it's similar to Staunton Island. The simple tactic is to first go to the airport, pick up patients over there, take them to the hospital, then get to Cedar Grove for its patients using the dam and going below the bridge, and finally climbing through the wavy road on the way back to the hospital. Rinse and repeat. Similar tactic as in with Staunton Island, but at least the Columbians are more rarely in the way. Only get inside their territory when there's a patient there then bail. It's also the only one where you can beat Paramedic after the story's over.


I gotta clarify, in GTA III you do actually get a health boost for your ambulance by 110 health (the Ambulance alongside most vehicles have 1000 health), every time you get a "time bonus", which is only on your first delivery of 3 patients in every level, therefore it's only available from level 4 (you don't get a time bonus on level 3), so you'll get at most 9 health boosts for your ambulance.


Now most people would think it's Shoreside Vale that is the worst but it's actually not! Staunton Island is. Portland Island can require most luck because you really need to haul ass whereas Staunton and Shoreside rely on you keeping your ambulance alive. Once you figure out the routes they're not as challenging as Portland, they're just worse. Shoreside Vale is a little bit time consuming due to the layout of the place being weird, but there aren't a lot of Colombians except for near Catalina's mansion, and patients rarely spawn in that area. No other gangs hate you in that area. And Shoreside itself is small actually, only the layout makes it inconvenient.


The reason Staunton is the worst is:

1. It takes the longest to complete by a long shot

2. Unlike the other islands where the hospital is in the center, this one is on the northernmost part

3. Because of that, keeping in mind it's the biggest island, getting to the patients on the southernmost part can take forever

3. Columbian territory is right next to the hospital and they actually cover a notably larger area than in Shoreside

4. Because of that you're forced to always take the longer route by turning left from where your safehouse is when approaching the hospital to avoid them (even longer rides)

5. The hospital itself is weird, if you wanna do your best at preserving the health of your ambulance, you're gonna have to take the road around to get there (EVEN longer rides)

6. Considering it takes nearly an hour and a half to beat, keep in mind you basically have to keep the ambulance alive throughout the whole time, and your only form of repair are the health boosts.

7. Weirdest spawn locations for patients, sometimes one can spawn in the Belville park toilet and there's no way to get them out


At least the time isn't a problem, and its more of a game of patience. But it's definitely the worst island to do Paramedic on.

Edited by lol232
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Yes Portland is the best option but whow knows that for the first time when he was playing game? :D I did paramedic at Shoreside Vale at it took me a while but i finished it. The worst thing is when a patient repawn inside a builing hahahah. I had this few times.

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