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[GTASA:DE] - Localization Modding Guide


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Looking to modify Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: The Definitive Edition localization?
This guide will walk you through the entire process from Start to Finish

Beginners Friendly!


These are all the tools you will need.

UnrealLocres (298KB)
FModel (20.3MB)


Extracting Localization File

1. Download FModel and open up FModel.exe.
2. At the left-top, click on Directory > Selector and navigate to your game directory by tapping on the ... button.

3. Confirm your path and press OK.

This is how it should look like once you've completed the steps above:


4. Click on Directory tab and double-click on gta.pak
Note: FModel might ask you to restart, allow it and then had back over to the Folders tab.

5. Navigate to the following path:
Gameface > Content > Localization > GTASA > Game

At this part of the guide, you can pick the language you would like to edit. I'm going to choose 'en'.
It is the exact same process so don't worry!


6. Double-click on the language folder you want to edit. I am going to edit 'en'.

7. Right-click the Game.locres file and click Export Data


The exported file can be found in the same folder where the FModel.exe is located at.
Open up the folder and navigate to: FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en

UnrealLocres - Export
We are now going to extract the Game.locres file

1. Download UnrealLocres and copy the UnrealLocres.exe to the extracted folder (FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en)

Your folder should end up looking like this:

2. Open up the Command Prompt.
(Right-click Windows Logo > Run > cmd) and press Enter


3. Navigate to the folder where your UnrealLocres.exe is located.

Command: cd /d <PATH>

Example: cd /d D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en


4. We want to get the .CSV file from our Game.locres file. Enter in the following command and press Enter.

UnrealLocres.exe export <PATH>

UnrealLocres.exe export D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en\Game.locres


We now have successfully extracted our Game.locres file.

UnrealLocres - Editing our Text
Go back to your folder and you should see a new file called Game.csv

There are several ways to do this. I highly recommend using Google Spreadsheet or Excel to be 100% safe so you don't have to worry about comma separation.
But if you don't have it installed, you can also easily do this with Notepad / Notepad++.

1. Open Game.csv with your desired program. I'll be using Notepad++.
2. Search the text you would like to edit. I'll be editing the intro text when arriving Francis INTL. Airport.

Every line ends with a comma. We can't replace the exact text, so we have to add our modified text in a new column.
If you are using Google Spreadsheet or Excel, you just add your new text on the same line in the C column.

This is how your modified text should look like if you're doing it in Notepad:


Current Text:  GTASA/LOAD_01:INTRO1,"Francis INTL. Airport,",
Modified Text: GTASA/LOAD_01:INTRO1,"Francis INTL. Airport,","GTANet INTL. Airport,",

This is how your modified text should look like if you're doing it in Google Spreadsheet or Excel:

3. Do a final check to ensure everything is correct and then Save your .CSV file.

UnrealLocres - Import
We are now going to import our .CSV file so it becomes a valid Game.locres for us to use.


1. Open up the Command Prompt.
(Right-click Windows Logo > Run > cmd) and press Enter


2. Navigate to the folder where your UnrealLocres.exe is located

3. Enter in the following command to import our .CSV into Game.locres

Command: UnrealLocres.exe import <Game.locres PATH> <Game.csv PATH>

Example: UnrealLocres.exe import D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en\Game.locres D:\FModel\Output\Exports\Gameface\Content\Localization\GTASA\Game\en\Game.csv

Once successful, you will see the following message:

Adding our new Game.locres file
In the same folder, you will see a new file called Game.locres.new

1. Delete or move the old Game.locresGame.csv, and the UnrealLocres.exe files out of this folder.
2. Rename Game.locres.new to Game.locres.
3. Go all the way back until the Content folder and copy the Localization folder.

4. Go to the game directory and paste the Localization folder you just copied inside the Content folder.

This is how it should look like:


Launch the game and go check out your new changed text :D


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is there any way, how to edit font? Because in my language, there isn't any diacritics.


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Nevermind, I got it.

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I got an error while extracting files using Game.Locres.



Edited by Risik105
I figured it out myself
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