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[GTA: The Definitive Edition] - PC Modding (Table of Contents)


Recommended Posts


Are you looking to create mods for the new Grand Theft Auto The Definitive Edition games?
This thread contains links to all my modding guides

All of the guides I provide require no experience on all surfaces.
I will walk you through the entire process from Start to Finish!

Beginners Friendly!


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • [Textures] - Coming Soon
  • [Audio] - Coming Soon
  • [Localization] - Coming Soon
  • [Models] - Coming Soon

Grand Theft Auto: III

  • [Textures] - Coming Soon
  • [Audio] - Coming Soon
  • [Localization]- Coming Soon
  • [Models] - Coming Soon
Edited by Havi
Added link to Localization Modding Guide
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Hi @Havi

Really appreciate your help! Can you also create a tutorial as to how to modify DE main.scm and/ or make Legacy SA scripts work with DE as I have a couple of great scripts from legacy but don't know how to import it to DE and make it work?


Thanks in advance!

Edited by Aristo17
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On 11/17/2021 at 8:26 PM, Havi said:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Are there any estimates for when we will have the tutorial for models? I'm having a hard time. I'm trying to remaster a vehicle wheel. The mesh part was ok. But the original wheel uses material instance and generic textures for all vehicles and I want to add new exclusive textures/materials for this wheel. And this part is being very complicated for me to unravel on my own.

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4 hours ago, Ratsorizzo said:

Yeah, that's what I am hoping for myself.


I've partly figured it out myself. The GTA 3 radio stations seem to use the class SA_Music.


I'm trying to compile them into a proper pak. It's a nightmare because, for whatever smart ass reason, Grove Street Games chopped up the radio stations, making it a complete pain in the ass to edit. The key is the RADIO_(STATION NAME).uasset file, I'm going to keep poking around with it - I had partial success but had some crash issues too.


Download Jazz radio Double Cleff FM v1.1 for GTA 3: The Definitive Edition (libertycity.net)


This dude somehow figured it out.


I'm going to keep poking around; I have a feeling the clue lines up with the RADIO_STATIONNAME.uasset file, I think it controls the length of the station. However I have had no success opening it aside from using FModel, and Unreal Editor for whatever reason can't edit it. Any help would be appreciated.

Edited by CynicalMexican
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I found out that you need to create a Sound Cue file for each radio station; this Sound Cue file plays each station in a certain order.


However, I, for the life of me, CANNOT figure out how to create one properly!


The radio stations appear to use a "SoundNodeProceduralWavePlayer"... a Sound Node that is NOT present on Unreal 2.46! Am I missing something? What's the damn magic sauce? I am so close yet so damn far...

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