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Is it worth buying a PS2 for GTA SA?

Midnight Hitman

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Midnight Hitman

Hey there. From what I've learned, the PS2 version really seems to be the "definitive edition" of all versions of GTA SA out there.


It has all the atmospheric effects, visuals, vegetation/foliage, non-bugged cutscenes, etc, that were supposed to be in the game. I'm currently watching videos of OG PS2 footage and the countryside looks much more dense on the PS2 version, there are so much more plants, grasses, bushes etc., than in all the other versions. (Why is that the case? Was it originally released on PS2 and just poorly ported over? Can't remember anymore).


My situation:

- have played the game countless times on PC

- have recently bought the OG Xbox version (which seems to be the closest version to the PS2 version?) for a few bucks

- with that OG Xbox version, I have played the mobile "remaster" on my Xbox One X via download (Jesus, that version was horrible)

- have not played the OG Xbox version on my 360 so far, because I want to play it via headphones and I don't have one for my Xbox


So I have never played the PS2 version. You can get a working PS2 incl. memory card and an OG copy of SA only for a few bucks and my HDTV is over 10 years old, so yeah, I could plug it in there and play PS2 games. I could buy VC and III aswell.


Do you think that's worth it? Or should I play it on the PCSX2 emulator (where some effects etc. might be missing?).

Or is the OG Xbox version enough? I can play that via backwards compatibility on my 360 (not the mobile disaster!).

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Sure you can get PS2 if the price arrent too expensive, also you can play other games not just GTA SAN ANDREAS


Had to play GTA SAN ANDREAS on PS2 it was AMAZING! times, hope I can bring them back :) so in my opinion it's 100% worth

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I'd say no. In my modest opinion, the definitive way to play San Andreas (or III and VC) is on PC with SilentPatch, the Widescreen Fix and the frame rate capped to 60 with the resolution cranked up to 1080p or 4K. That's it. There's an assortment of mods available to restore missing PS2 features such as textures and whatnot if that's really what you're after, but I'm happy to live without certain PS2 features, such as the car reflections that aren't existent on PC, because I feel that the flat finish on cars in the PC version among other things is what makes that version unique. But yeah, you can simply apply a few different mods to restore the classic PS2 aesthetic and you'll have that higher resolution and frame rate too. It's a win-win 👍

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Midnight Dutch

If you already have a PC, I’d say probably not.


However, working PS2’s can be bought for less than 100$ USD and an old used PS2 copy of San Andreas would probably cost less than 10 bucks (but may go up in value now, oddly, because of the removal of classic versions for sale) so in a way, it is worth it just to have it available for your enjoyment.  There are HDMI adapters to play it on any television set regardless of age.  As we sit today, It’s not a terribly expensive investment and will someday increase in value.  


About 4 years ago an ex girlfriend of mine bought me a used PS2 and I still have it today.  She paid like 85 dollers for it.  I haven’t played it in a while but it’s nice to be able to go back and play many PS2 and PS1 games whenever I feel like it.


Bottom line is I’d just go for it honestly.

Edited by Midnight Dutch
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10 hours ago, Paisan™ said:

frame rate capped to 60

That would still break certain parts of the game even on PC.

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The definitive version for me is the 1.0 PC version with bug fix patches, PS2 timecycle, FX, assets, etc.  Way better than PS2 unless you have a CRT or something and really want the full nostalgia.

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12 hours ago, GhettoJesus said:

That would still break certain parts of the game even on PC.

Correct, but at least it's playable.

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I recommend mods like SkyGFX, silentpatch, TTDISA and other to bring back that Ps2 feeling. 

But of course Ps2 with GTA Sa is nostalgia 


It can look like this:




Edited by tomzztar
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That's what I did, and never regretted.


Bought myself a PS2 + 5 game DVDs a few years ago. Wonderful.


As someone who's been playing SA on PC for 15 years: PS2 version is definitely the one with the best scenery and effects. Just make sure you sit at least 2 metres away from the screen, because it's pixelated as hell :sadkek:

Edited by Lioshenka
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