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Burglary activity bugs


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Previous posted in the SA bugs thread, but it probably deserves it's own thread.


I've just done the $10,000 worth of items for the infinite sprint and damn, there are some issues here for sure.


First off, the biggest bug: in my experience, most times you're on a night of burgling, your weapons will become totally unavailable, usually for the duration of the mission until it ends. Sometimes they will come back available, but often times they don't. I'm not sure what triggers it, but it happened every night I was on the mission, and it was very annoying because it meant I couldn't use the silenced pistol method to kill the occupants. Also if you end up with a wanted level, or in a gang-inhabited home, you're defenceless. No evidence of this because it's hard to show, but notice how in these screenshots I have my fists equipped? Yep, not by choice..


Annoyingly it's the walk-towards-to-pickup, instead of being a button prompt, but anyone who's played Home Invasion knows this already.


Second issue, the item placement seems very buggy - often times items are inaccessible due to being spawned behind/inside other props, example:


May be an image of 1 person, indoor and text that says "00:01 $10846002 dayLight 05:59 cash 0 noise TOGGLE Û SUB MISSION"

May be an image of 1 person and indoor


Lots of the occupants clip into their new bed textures




In several house interiors, the doors don't work, you just walk through them:



Also, the noise meter sometimes just doesn't work, sometimes you can run around a house without it going up. This is not too common, but it happened a few times for me.


When you finish the mission, every time, these 2 messages spawn on top of each other, it looks sloppy and hard to read.



Some of the textures are weird, for example, this is supposed to be a nice Hi-fi system, why does it look all rusty and nasty?



The Las Venturas garage doesn't open, you just drive through the door:


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