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San Andreas Remastered (PS5) glitches encountered


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So after playing through San Andreas on PS5, I´ve encountered a few bugs and glitches. Nothing major or game breaking in my opinion, but I thought I would report them anyway. I don´t have any screenshots of the graphical glitches, but one can easily find video evidence of them on YouTube, as these are pretty common for most players, or so I´ve heard.


  • CJ moving animation doesn´t change when muscle stat is 100%
  • Ghost Bridge in Whetstone County
  • Different animation glitches, where CJ and NPCs move though otherwise solid objects
  • Collission height glitch on security towers inside Area 69 during mission 'Black Project'
  • Overpowered NPCs during all mission involving NPC vs player combat. Especially visible in the first segment of the game before the mission 'Green Sabre'  whereafter CJ leaves Los Santos
  • During the mission 'Architerucal Espionage' when exiting the building after completing the objective, 4 or more NPC cops are spawned outside the building, spamming shots at CJ. Impossible to survive and enter the provided car, unless player has 100% or very close to. If player has any less health, it is an instant death. Consider decreasing the number of spawned cops
  • Landing gear on propellar powered aircraft during the Flight School mission and the mission 'N.O.E' goes down way too quickly, when player isn´t close to the ground at all. That partuclar aircraft has stalling/engine problems as well. Stalls way too easily compared to original version of the game
  • Different character model glitches during cutscenes. Mainly CJ´s arms and head texture has "spasms", also Ryder and Big Smoke are affected during the first introductional mission and the mission 'Ryder' and 'The Party'
  • Game instantly crashes when trying to start mission 'Doberman' if the game setting is set to "Fidelity" as well as having "Bloom" enabled. Can be avoid if game setting is set to "Performance" and "Bloom" is turned off.


Generally I think the enemies have got a damage boost in this version and I feel like the accuracy of the aiming is a bit worse than in the original games or the mobile port/ps3 port. This is probably intentional, so I didn´t list it as a glitch.

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I can vouch for the invisible bridge in whetstone lol. Does anyone else get an issue with car damage when taking fire from enemies? I don't get no smoke or anything to warn me that the cars about the blow up until the engine ignites...

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I think I've come across a glitch with oysters. I remember doing Madd Dogg's Rhymes and looking at the oyster in his pool thinking I should pick it up, but then decided against it since I'll just be going through the list and collecting them all later. Later came, and I discovered the oyster isn't in the pool even though I didn't collect it. Not sure what I did to cause the issue and I haven't checked to see if there were any more missing oysters but I was able to collect nearly all other Los Santos oysters before realizing I was missing that one so far.

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