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Vigilante glitch/exploit gone...


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I have the sad news that Rockstar finally fixed the infamous "vigilante glitch/ exploit". The exploit where you can exit the police vehicle, enter a building and exit and enter the police vehicle during the Vigilante missions and will cause the criminals to get killed and thereby passing the mission. 

This has been FIXED,  it no longer works like it used to,  even the last editions prior to TDE used to still have this glitch. I have a PS4 and just excessively tried to get this to work but no,  it does not work anymore. 

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Nah nah nah Gta 6

vigilante is easy lol

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With a tank its really easy. Mine glitched sometimes the criminals never spawned after awhile. And doing it on bike was "okay" shooting from the front too many polices and they will shot you from the car.




Its worth stealing  a tank and doing it soo much faster and easier. And if the game crash/no spawning its not as frustrating as if you have done it with a bike/car and have worked harder for it and then it just crashes. More worth it and faster by stealing a tank then going to pay and spray to remove the 5 stars and then start it 

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Honestly, I never could figure out how to activate the glitch. I just ended up stealing a tank S of Verdant Meadows, evading the police and parking it in one of my safehouse garages, saving, then getting it out and doing the Vigilante missions with it.

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On 11/16/2021 at 11:03 AM, kubon352 said:

Doing it with Hunter is a piece of cake.

I always wait until I have Verdant Meadows before I do vigilante so I can get the gold medals and the Hunter to spawn. It literally takes 10 mins or less in a Hunter lol. It's not particularly difficult on a police bike, but there are more variables to work against you.

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When performing the glitch, I found that the Well Stacked Pizza on the east side of San Fierro (near the pier) worked the best. However, this is laziness on my part. I then decided to start doing it at the very beginning of the game, gathering a large amount of SMG ammo from the various locations in Los Santos and swiping a police motorcycle. Not only does this increase your bike and weapon skill early on, but it gives you a nice injection of cash that you can add to the paramedic and firefighter side hustles to really clean out at horse racing. The extra armor doesn't hurt either.

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