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Cesar’s Edward scissor hands glitchy hands! (Nintendo switch)

Nathan gibbs
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GTA San Andreas trilogy definitive edition:


Cesar hands are the other way around on all cutscenes and are flat and just look damn bad. Very much like Edward scissor hands. It’s not a good look. 

(nintendo switch)


the textures all multicoloured and glitching on character models and roads making it look like the inside of a pc like the motherboard. (Nintendo switch)


Some missions close the application and it says error occasionally very annoying.  (Nintendo switch)



hell of a lot of pop in with cars and npcs 
Too much going on for the base code of the original game. Imo. 

sound issues some characters sound off.

please get these fixed as I am having so much fun on these games on the Nintendo switch! £50 for this isn’t fair tbh as it’s a massive part of our childhood.  Put it right rockstar please. 🙏🏻🤙🏻

all bugs from the Nintendo switch version. 

keep on trucking guys I believe in you. #Teamrockstar 

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