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In this new forum, we are encouraging users to report their bugs in dedicated topics, outside the general bug reporting topics, so it's easier for both players and potentially Rockstar/GSG to follow. You can still use the general topics for each game, but we highly encourage you to make separate ones. The forum has manual approval for topics, to prevent abuse or duplication.


For a good bug report topic, please try and follow some of these guidelines:

  • Include images or a video of your bug, especially if it's a visual bug;
  • If applicable, include exact steps to reproduce;
  • Refer to your platform in your post or even topic title. If you're on PC, please refer to your PC specs, operating system, and if you're using any launch arguments (such as -dx12 or -vulkan);
  • Utilise the tags/prefixes if the bug is game specific;
  • As much as certain bugs can be annoying, please avoid commentary about the developer's practices or opinionated commentary in bug topics and leave it for the complaints or general discussion topics in the main sections.


Thanks for your cooperation! 🥩🔼


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