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I think that it's better if OpenIV shuts down in response to Rockstar's war on PC & Modding


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We all remember when Take-Two gave OpenIV a Cease and Desist in 2015 and again in 2017 and there was a lot of outcry, eventuating with a truce on what is and isn't allowed to be modded.


Then almost exactly two years later, they revised that policy, unilaterally changing them to be far more restrictive, and not even bothering to notify anyone of the change:




Now here we are, and they are issuing takedowns left and right, mods which have done a better job than their version, even sharing a SAVE GAME is not safe anymore.




There is probably much more which I've missed.


And now for the coup d'état, because a few of you simply looked at the game files of the new release and pointed a few things out, they have purposely shut down the entire PC platform down for 36 hours, preventing access to the games which we paid good money for.




And for how long will PC Players not be able to play/buy Definitive Edition through official channels? From what I have heard it might not be until December as they work to strip everything out, not understanding that the cat is already out of the bag and there is no going back, so it is pointless.


With this kind of hostility, where anything that you do could be taken down arbitrarily for no reason or because it ends up competing with an official version, and worse you could end up with actual stand over men at your house and of your family, or being sued into oblivion, what is even the point of trying?


PC Mods help them and add value to their games, more than their games help us. It is their loss. The company does not seem to be listening.


I think that the PC modding community is better off without Rockstar and the talents are better put to use where they are actually appreciated. 


Rockstar have made some great games over the years, but I think that the time has come, where you guys should consider another project to bring another game to new heights, because it's just not worth working with Rockstar anymore. 


It is truly a shame.


My 2 cents.



And mark my words, Rockstar are going to blame Modders for their failed release, the rampant Piracy that ensues (because there is no other way to play it on PC), and ultimately the reason for it being a commercial failure. I would even doubt that they would even see it as their own mistake, and because they see us as the problem, just not make any more PC releases again.

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