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Awful pop-in on the countryside?


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Wow, just because I was liking this game I was hit with the ugliest pop-in I could have imagined for the game. In the countryside, before reaching Catalina at the bar, there was PS2 like popin on the PS5 version, like whole patches of bushes, a house and a whole bridge just materialized right in front of CJ. Unexpected as the rest of the game seems to suffer only from LOD transitions, this part had OG looking pop/in.


is that a bug? Can it be fixed? This stuff honestly unacceptable. They have cranked the draw distance way up to the max and have stuff like bushes and trees popping up on your face? Sorry but that’s trash. Could they patch that? Or is it something hard coded into the game?


i should post some videos about this, it may be a bug but I was caught lacking and was surprised by that sh*t lol

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