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Personal Reviews of GTA III: The Definitive Edition


Recommended Posts

Personal Reviews of GTA III: The Definitive Edition


Although we've only just reached launch day, we'd like to give everyone the opportunity to share your detailed opinions (whatever they are, don't hold back!) in the form of a review post. Think of this as the GTAF metacritic and everyone reading is still deciding whether to play or not.


Post your first impressions, reviews, and personal scores out of 100. Use whatever format you like but put some effort in; what would you want to know before playing? 


This topic isn't for replies or debates so they will automatically be hidden - you can post your review only. If you want to change it, either edit your original post or make one further post with an update.


We'd like to feature some reviews in the near future for an article on GTANet.com. Cheers :^:

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Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition might be the best out of the 3 remasters. But it still is a bad remaster and a dissapointment.


Just like Vice City and San Andreas, the game is essentially just a copy of the 10th anniversary edition with new graphics, textures and GTA V like controls.

All of the glitches that were in the mobile port are back; some of which were also in the original version. The fact that they didn't fix bugs and glitches that have been in the game 20 years ago is sad and pathetic. 


The game also has other glitches and issues that were not in the previous versions (although not as much as Vice City and especially San Andreas).

The menu sounds come from GTA San Andreas, which is stupid and doesn't make sense considering that GTA III had it's own menu sounds and when it comes to the UI, it's pretty lackluster too. I have to admit that the in-game map they added in the pause menu is nice, but apart from that the minimap is a mixed bag. Because while I think it's fine that it's in 3D, I don't like the fact that they put the arrow at the bottom of the minimap, it would have made more sense to place it at the center. Also they put the M4 weapon icon from GTA San Andreas for the M16 which is also the case with the fist in GTA Vice City, it doesn't make sense, why did they keep inserting stuff from San Andreas into GTA III and Vice City? The wasted and busted screens are also pretty bad, they are literally stock pictures that they most likely found on google images, lazy.


The graphics are also a mixed bag. While they are nice at times, at other times it just looks bad. The game sometimes ends up looking like The Sims 4 or Roblox (the same thing goes for Vice City and San Andreas). When it comes to character models, I think that compared to Vice City and San Andreas, they look fine for the most part, although some characters look a bit weird or worse than their original appearance. 

Another thing that doesn't really cut it with the graphics is that everything looks too bright and saturated. Grand Theft Auto III has always had a somewhat dark atmosphere, but now it's not the case anymore so it kind of ruins the atmosphere of the game.


The gameplay itself is pretty much the same. Driving is the same and shooting is the same, which is pretty weird because it was basically promised that the shooting mechanics would be more modern like GTA V. The animations are also the same and there is no ragdoll.

People have also reported performance issues. The game can't stay at a stable 60fps and even at 30fps it still has issues. Some people have even reported that the fidelity mode somehow looks worse graphically than the performance mode...


Overall, this is a pretty poorly made remaster that doesn't do justice to the original versions. This remaster has been made by a bunch of inexperienced, incompetent and lazy amateurs who clearly didn't know what the f*ck they were doing. I don't understand why Rockstar Games allowed this to happen and didn't do these remasters themselves, or at least give it to a 3rd party studio that actually knows how to do their work correctly. The worst thing is that Rockstar Games delisted the original versions, so now people are stuck with these stupid ass remasters and the only way they can get the originals versions now if they didn't get the chance to buy them earlier is to either buy an old console with copies of the trilogy, emulate the games on PC or pirate them (not recommended).

This is honestly sad and embarrassing

Edited by MrBreak16
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Algonquin Assassin

I haven’t played GTA III as much as Vice City, but as I said in one of the other threads one of my favourite aspects is it looks a bit closer to GTA IV (stylistically).


I feel of the three games GTA III really shines with the increased distance and the Staunton Island skyline in particular looks great. I also like how the mountain in Shoreside Vale has trees and houses so it looks like a newly occupied settlement that wasn’t present in the original.


Overall I rate it the same as Vice City. 95/100 with the lost %5 being relatively the same (some minor bugs/glitches, lack of certain menu options).



Edited by MiamiViceCity1986

Boardwalk Empire Episode 2.1 Review - That Shelf

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I've only played GTA III so far (clearly the one with the least issues) and the driving physics aren't faithful enough. It's no longer fun to drift a stallion around, and the loss of touches like this are making it hard to play. I don't know if the new aiming system is enough for me to complete this.


If only they could just fix the driving physics and make them identical to the original.. it would be fine. I like the parallax interiors, the new lighting/shadows and how much life is in the map now.. but get the basics right. Once you lose the feeling of how the original game felt in your hands, it's a failed remaster.


Good examples of remasters for this reason:

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Final Fantasy X

Shadow of the Colossus 


If they can patch the driving and make it just like the original, i'll carry on playing. Everything else is good honestly.

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Great Game, Great Graphics but completely misses the vibe. They said that they'll keep the original viibe in the 3 games and I can only feel it in VC:DE and I don't feel it in 3. Like in the playthrough, I remember going to these places and doing stuff and missions, but not having nostalgia. I think I'll prefer having the OG version of III. Thank you !

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Finished GTA III: Definitive Edition 3 times. Did I really want to? NO!


1st time: Normal story playthrough. I didn't know some story missions would be inaccessible depending on the order of completion. So I had to start a new game.

2nd time:  100% playthrough attempt. 1st playthrough triggered a 20-year old bug that prevented me from completing the pay phone missions in Shoreside Vale, so I had to delete all saves.

3rd time: Got the platinum trophy, finally...


I was planning on doing a slight bit of defending for the definitive edition after my first playthrough, but then I spent countless hours playing GTA III: DE afterwards and more and more issues kept arising.


Graphics: I don't care much for the character design choice or the atmosphere issues people are having with the game. To each their own. I'm here to put emphasis on how the graphics affect gameplay. The draw distances are vastly improved and the terrible blur/ghosting effects have mostly been removed, allowing you to get better visuals of your surroundings. The rain, however, does the complete opposite. It's pretty bad. This game is also plagued with illogical, invisible walls and objects. With the invisible wall issue, I'll name an example. In Shoreside Vale, there is a circular road next to the dam where a vehicle tends to loop forever sometimes during a Vigilante mission. Close to the Pay 'n' Spray, you can overlook that road and shoot a rocket towards the vehicle. But what ends up happening sometimes is you'll keep bumping into stuff you can't see on your way back to the car. When you crash through a gate, you'll see it break off. When you come back to that area, you'll see nothing, thinking you can just drive through smoothly. NOPE! The gate is there, you just can't see it. Some of the rails have a large invisible box, so you'll have to steer clear away from these and not get too close. Sometimes the Pay 'n' Spray and 8-ball shops have the doors closed. Think you just drive through? No. They're actually just closed for no reason, so you have to go around the block and hope it gets fixed. There are a couple areas where you can clip through walls or fall through the map and one of these areas is close the hidden package in the northwest corner of Portland.


Controls: The controls have been improved, but there are couple missed opportunities.

-No option for Standard FPS/FPS 2 controls like in GTA V.

-The animations/character movements haven't been improved.

-You can only shoot left and right when doing a drive-by.

-Picking up a weapon automatically switches your current weapon at times.

-Jumping from a boat to the docks is still awkward and unnecessarily dangerous.


A.I.: Oh boy! The traffic A.I. is abysmal. Many times vehicles for no reason will just come to a dead stop and block a lane, they will make a hard turn unexpectedly and quickly, they will drive on elevated invisible paths in the tunnels, they will swerve to one side of a lane and back to the other in a split second and sometimes you'll have a car driving like they have a woman "giving birth" in the back. The pedestrians constantly suicide jump towards you. I actually got busted for that once. The cops are incredibly biased. They come at you only. Sometimes after blowing up stuff with your rocket launcher, you'll have random peds fist fight you which really sucks during a Rampage because you can't move quickly while holding the weapon. A lot of missions will have brain dead A.I. that'll happily take bullets to the chest.


Performance: I played this on PS5. The frame rate is okay for the most part. But it stutters occasionally. I've noticed it several times, probably due to the fact that I go extremely fast about half the time, but the hardware should be able to handle it. The game crashes often. Takes about 2-3 hours to happen and I've had it once crash after 20 mins of play time. Some bugs/glitches that were present in previous games are still intact. Including a game-breaking one that I encountered, the infamous "No Purple Nines" bug. 20 years later and it's still there... unacceptable.


Obviously some of the issues I mentioned were present in the original version GTA III, but the thing is that they should be fixed/improved. The game is still enjoyable, but that's because it's GTA III. Grove Street games is just piggy-backing off the success of the original installments of the games. Unpaid, amateur modders in their spare time could do a better job than this. This is done off the backing of a multi-billion dollar company. A company who put up a review embargo and showed very little gameplay footage before launch. THEY KNEW how poorly this was made. I've been contemplating whether or not I should play Vice City knowing the fact that the "Take the Cannoli" trophy is unobtainable. I don't want to have to restart/delete everything, because there might be a specific new way you need to do it that may require a full playthough or something to that extent. I already did something like that with GTA III: DE.


This edition is BUSTED!



...still enjoyed it though. 😝


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I thought it was pretty good tbh. Then again I'm playing on a god-tier gaming laptop, and the cum rain actually doesn't look bad on my end (I see they didn't test this across the board!).


I mean, it's the exact same game from 20 years, but it looks nicer. I think the graphical work on this is heavily underrated; they've re-modeled EVERY building in the game and done a lot of other work such as lighting, reflections, mesh smoothing, etc. For example, windows now appear as 3D objects! Whereas in the original version, buildings were pretty flat and textures were largely just flat. It's something that kinda makes it hard to go back to the original version.


I wish that the game at day time had more of a grey feel though. Night time the game looks fantastic.


Had the game launched without so many of the bugs, patched a few old issues, and added some minor features... this would be a 7/10 remaster. From the looks of it, R* is going to get these games fixed, so that's good. I see it this way: a lot of hard work went into this game from a studio that had committed a few sins in the past, and didn't have enough time to polish it, and Rockstar had way too much faith in them and only looked at the revenue. I don't think this game deserves to be shunned by the community - with proper official fixes, and modding tools, these games can become loved. There's too work done here for it to just go to waste, and there are a few things in GTA 3 in particular that prevent me from going back to the original.


I had fun. Sorry.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I thought it was excellent, the visuals in my opinion are great, exactly what i would have wanted from a remaster. The game still had that dark gritty atmosphere (turn the contrast a tick or two down in the menu), but with real time lighting, shading, volumetric fog etc. My only complaint about the visuals is the vehicle models. Why base them off PS2 models when there are already those remastered xbox models that were even used in GSG's own mobile port. Why not use them for the definitive edition? Makes no sense to me, vehicles engine models are flat textures and overall vehicles are less detailed, esperanto looks terrible from the front and the rumpo's grille is really ugly. But overall I really like the visual design and graphics, just a shame the vehicle models take away so much from the game.


Apart from that its the exact same game as the original, weapon wheel and radio wheels are a nice inclusion but with mouse and keyboard at least it feels the same as classic axis.

I didnt run into any "new" bugs, only bugs present in the original, like the securicar escort mission with the driver running into a wall, i had to get a firetruck and push the car into the garage to pass the mission


Overall, its the same gta 3 with a modern look and honestly i have no reason to go back to the original in any way except for mods, but in my opinion the definitive beats the original in nearly every way (at least for GTA 3)



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  • 1 year later...

I've been thinking for a while now about the houses you see in the hills north of Shoreside Vale, the surprisingly little attention it has received and the plot inconsistencies it may bring, aesthetically it's beautiful but I think it makes no sense that they appeared out of nowhere in 2001 and three years earlier they weren't there, maybe a remaster of GTA LCS?

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  • 1 month later...

I picked up the "Definitive Edition" bundle on Steam because it was half off (30 USD instead of 60) and even then I feel like i've been duped yet again (I bought it on release and refunded it after playing SA for about 30 minutes). I don't even know where to begin. 


The gritty atmosphere that makes Liberty City so iconic is all but gone, no foggy days or nights at all and I feel like the only time the game looks impressive is when it rains at night. Otherwise it just doesn't scream "worst city in America", it feels rather watered down.


The auto aim is somehow worse than the original games (this is honestly kind of debatable to be honest because it might just be that I'm so accustomed to how it works in the original which in turn makes it seem like it's worse, instead of Claude locking on to the nearest target that he's facing instead of it only locking onto someone if the camera is directly facing them). Also the game feels unresponsive when it comes to entering and exiting vehicles, I find myself pressing triangle more than once for some odd reason.


The fact that this is touted as a "Definitive Edition" yet it's rife with old and new bugs that really should have been ironed out because it's supposed to be the best version of the game when it is so clearly not that. I can't even list how many I've run into in just bog standard gameplay.


I still can't believe R* outsourced this to a studio that chose to pick the sh*tty mobile ports to build the "Definitive Editons" upon instead of using the actual original games like anyone with two braincells would do, it baffles me. I've been rather critical of R* ever since they threw the single player content in V to the wayside to push GTA O shark cards, and this has only further soured how I view them as a whole, but that's another discussion for another day.


Even with all that said, I 100%'d it and plan to do the same with Vice City and San Andreas because I feel like even though they are far and away inferior to the original games I still feel the need to get my moneys worth out of it (sunk cost fallacy I know). Once I do that and complete the GTA III Ultimate Challenge I don't intend to ever touch these sh*tty versions ever again, they're that f*cking bad and that's coming from a huge III era fan. Can you imagine if R* had actually done them the justice they deserve and remade them with the love and care that they are capable of (I'm thinking of an actual remaster along the lines of the Resident Evil remasters)? Now that would have been worth 60 dollars instead of this tripe they pushed out.


Edited by 98 in 1
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