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The Definitive Edition Trilogy should have been based on the XBOX versions of the games, not PS2


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And obviously especially not mobile.


As per this post:



I made a thread because I wanted to be heard out a bit more.


Now the popular opinion is that PS2 version should've been the base version they worked on, but I would say that is inaccurate, at least for GTA III and Vice City. The definitive edition's idea was about making the game HD, and what else should they have used if not the most graphically impressive version of the game? It had a lot of assets, a lot more detail and honestly a lot more life. Whether it's not a "classic feel" or not doesn't really matter since the idea is to make a remaster. The finger models were a lot better and functioned better than in DE as well, and the atmosphere felt properly enhanced and within the spirit of the game.


The character models were more better looking on the XBOX version compared to DE and the graphics were really impressive for 2003 when both GTA III and VC released on XBOX, even better than the GTA SA version on XBOX.


As for SA, yeah, it's a mixed bag but the XBOX version had a lot less missing PS2 assets that PC did, though it still had a couple missing PS2 assets. On the flip side, it also had assets that PC had that PS2 didn't have. Maybe PS2 would've overall been the better one as a base for this game since the difference wasn't really big like III and VC, and maybe just add the XBOX assets on the PS2 base.

Edited by lol232
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Alastair Smyth

I loved the Xbox versions as much as the PS2, really. I think you have good points, as far as graphics (and if I recall also the loading times) were concerned, it was an upgrade. The smog, fog and dust effects of SA on the PS2 are my absolute favorites, though. The PC version also had some really sharp features. That being the hard copy and not that f*cken Steam version.


... But none of this matters if all that we keep getting are mobile ports. It's a shame.

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Absolutely. The Xbox versions were objectively the best of the original versions of each game. I wouldn't mind this new graphics style I'f the games had the Xbox version as a base and an option to toogle between old and new graphics. 

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The people like me who likes the PS2 version is for aesthetics, the tint and the lighting is more pleasing, the Xbox version was plain, but when it comes to code and assets yeah sure it makes more sense, although the code is pretty much the same because they ported the engine except for specific low level code and console specific features.

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 Xbox version was just as broken or similarly broken to PC (for sa thought)
As for III /VC, well they just used mobile ports based on PC :kekw:

Dunno if they even had access to xbox versions, i think DE was doomed since day 1

Edited by Reameb
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Lock n' Stock

The Xbox versions were so good. If only Rockstar Vienna still existed, they could have done these justice.

Edited by Lock n' Stock
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Midnight Hitman

I agree. They should have used the Xbox or PS2 version as a base (or PC version), not this f*cking mobile port, which lacks so many graphical details and map assets, is bugged, and just looks like sh*t.

Edited by Midnight Hitman
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16 hours ago, lol232 said:

And obviously especially not mobile.



I agree that basing them off the mobile versions were an awful decision. Don't get me wrong, playing Trilogy games on my iPhone or iPad is a real charge, but once you inflate the footage to full TV size it looks pretty nasty.


By the way, I understand not using the PS2 version, but why not the PC version? Seems to me that would have been a better starting point, no?

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A hybrid of both the PS2 and XBOX versions would've been ideal. San Andreas especially was made to take the PS2 to the limit with the effects, no port has gotten it quite right unfortunately.

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7 hours ago, Chazza354 said:

I've unironically pulled out my OG Xbox and copy of the trilogy and I'm having a blast lol. 

I was going to do the same with my PS2 and all 3 games, even lcs & vcs. Old skool marathon.

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10 minutes ago, 2psah said:

I was going to do the same with my PS2 and all 3 games, even lcs & vcs. Old skool marathon.

I'm doing that too

I did VCS 100% on my PSP waiting for the DE release, but now that I don't plan on buying them anymore, I'll just beat the classic trilogy on my Ps4 and LCS on PSP, following crononogical order

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I’m with you. But I’m still wondering if R* told GSG to use the mobile ports to have it easier. This is a cheap cop out. Should be at 10 dollars each for 30 usd. I knew it was too good to be true. My only thing with SA is that they bring back the distance fog.

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