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Dodo plane broken on PC (Control mapping not available?)


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Title's self explanatory, I've just tried to do a couple of flights with the Dodo and came to the shocking realization that the key pressing that pitch it up and down are not working - as in, not in the sense that the handling was clumsy and broken in the original game, but in the literal sense that there's nothing mapped to the arrow keys. In the original game, those keys were co-assigned to the Rhino turret, but since on PC the turret is mouse-controlled like with San Andreas, I can't help but fear that Grove Street might have just straight-up forgotten to add proper key bindings to fly the Dodo on the PC version? I really hope that isn't the case and that I'm missing something here, but if it is then my god...




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3 hours ago, TomilovSenya said:

Try Shift and Ctrl. Also LBM and RMB.

Just tried it, doesn't work. Also tried using the mouse but alas, no success in taking off there.

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Yup. They forget to add "dodo up" and "dodo down" controls for PC. So the only way you can fly the dodo on PC is to plug in a controller.

Edited by oCrapaCreeper
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So I'm not the only one... I really got disappointed that console players have the ability to fly the dodo but the PC players were forgotten. The controls are even missing from the settings menu. I decided to steal a Yardie Lobo to see how the hydraulics work and it's almost the same thing - you can switch it on/off using LSHIFT but you can not control it to lean left/right/front/back.

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Has anyone found a way to mod the controls back in? Certainly, it shouldn't be too hard to just assign the arrow keys to it, right? I'd give it a try myself if I knew exactly what files I'd have to edit.

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Yeah for some reason even controls .cfg file in all 3 games have pretty much the same configuration, aka you can see actions like stoppie/wheelie, various casino actions for gta 3 when it doesn't even have them. I've tried playing around with all those flight control binds, but it looks like they don't correspond with this game sadly and there is nothing remotely tied to dodo. What's interesting though that flight ascend/descend was tied as it seems to mouse wheel originally in 3's cfg file, but then again probably that doesn't really matter. Maybe someone will make a small mod or whatever to push this functionality in, shouldn't be very hard to do.

Edited by ambi3nt
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Guys, its very easy to fly dodo with standard keyboard. Just use xbox pad emulator - x360ce. I mapped num9 as  "turret dodo down" and now Im flying like before :)

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12 hours ago, caps89 said:

Guys, its very easy to fly dodo with standard keyboard. Just use xbox pad emulator - x360ce. I mapped num9 as  "turret dodo down" and now Im flying like before :)

Shouldn't have to emulate analogue controls just to get something working like it did before though.


Best part is this issue will probably get by unfixed because people who never actually played before just respond with "But it isn't supposed to fly!! Just like in the original!!!" when you bring it up in other forums.


Very true, but it doesn't excuse the laziness behind just excluding an entire set of controls because GSG did not know how to port a mobile game to PC properly

Edited by oCrapaCreeper
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