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GTA III Definitive Edition Screenshots


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On 11/12/2021 at 12:59 PM, Nikhilmao said:

Switch screenshot:


I never realized before how that tallest tower on the left looks like the WTC twin towers, at least from this angle. Well maybe not that much but it instantly made me think of them.

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screenshots i took during my 100% playthrough


Mafia dude got caught in the wrong neighborhood



Mafia dude got caught in the wrong neighborhood (again)



one of the few things they got right in adding, the lights from the houses on Shoreside Vale are picturesque





came across a bug (one of many but i digress) in which only Maria spawned during Last Requests and she was toting an uzi, after i sailed over to Staunton Island the  marker wouldn't trigger the end of the mission so i got out of the boat and she shot at me and the mission failed








the highest amount of kills i've ever gotten in Smack Down



like i said in my review, the only time the game is visually impressive to me is when it rains at night





hit the pole that blocks off Fort Staunton and somehow ended up on the fence like this, the game just loves to throw you in the air whenever it pleases







it's safe to say i'll never come back to this inferior version of the game which is quite sad



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