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San Andreas Definitive Edition Praise & Appreciation Topic


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Put some time into SA today on the Switch, and had a blast. Feels really good to step back in the world after having not played it for years. Especially on the Switch!! Soooo cool. 

I hope that R* continues to throw some patches at it, as it’s imperfect, but the main thing is that it’s running on an engine that can constantly be tinkered with and adjusted to reflect the “definitive” title. So, that’s excellent news. 

Really happy with R* for throwing these our way, and I’ll be double dipping when the physical versions drop with issues sorted. Time to put my phone down and pick the Switch back up! It’s going to be a very nostalgic & fun weekend. 😁

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after trying it out for myself, i have to say that free roam feels awesome and as fun as it always has. had a blast exploring the new environments and it kept me occupied for a few hours. it definitely needs a few patches (some janky animations and cutscenes / models) but otherwise i'm actually rather pleasantly surprised. i was expecting a lot worse from looking at other people's footage

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Played a bit of 3 and VC, and enjoyed it, but now I'm 100%ing SA and now it's taken over my life, honestly I have not done anything the past 3 days except play SA. I love the way the game looks, despite the awkward character models, and the map still feels huge despite the lack of fog.

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Is it praise to say the new textures and draw distance are clearly an objective upgrade but they completely ruin the atmosphere and vibe that San Andreas had?? The PS2 version is still unbeaten in this respect. 

I think this trilogy is operating on the mistaken assumption that higher graphical fidelity = better (like basically every graphics mod). 

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Oh that's pretty cool! That's a neat detail that they actually made it so you can burn crops and they'll disappear. I knew something seemed different with fire physics during Are You Going to San Fierro but couldn't be sure.

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Okay, I'll put myself out there for slander... It's hard to admit, but I don't hate this version of the game. Yep, as someone who was part of the classic trilogy modding community for nearly two decades, and knows the original games almost down to the very last .txd file name, I'm having a blast playing this!

Last night I spent a good 6 hours playing San Andreas DE and am about halfway through the story. For the first time since 2004, I can honestly say I got completely lost in Los Santos and felt time I was experiencing the story for the first time again. I played without cheats, and moved from mission to mission naturally. I spent time at the gym, buying CJ outfits, getting haircuts and tattoos, and trying to build up various stats. For a good period of time I can really say felt totally immersed in the game for the first time in over a decade! Even when I noticed changes and minor bugs (which was more infrequent than expected), it didn't pull me out of the experience a bit!

Rockstar and Take-Two have certainly made questionable business decisions as of late. Attacks on modders, an underwhelming GTA5 E&E reveal, delisting of the old games, and rushing these out without extensive QA testing should not be ignored. At the same time, these things speak volumes about the climate of the game industry as a whole, and not just R* and TT's failed, misguided attempts at navigating this climate.

With how trendy it is to hate R* and TT due to recent events (to which they should be held accountable), I actually think we'd still be hating on the games even if they were done perfectly. I guess part of me empathizes with select people at GSG who worked on the DE, as I can actually tell there were some people there (mainly the environment artists) who actually cared about the job at hand but may not have had the time or resources to polish things.

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I really like how this game, in Los Santos especially, captures the aesthetic of early 1990s movies in Los Angeles a lot better than the original did (which the original did well for rudimentary graphics).


I've gotten extremely immersed in Los Santos as well, and it's insane how many new details the city has, and how much more lively and "real" it feels". Additionally, the much richer and greater color palette and improved skybox really emphasis the vibe. It feels like Boyz in the Hood or Mi Vida Loca, and if anyone has watched those movies, they know that GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition captures the vibe of it so well.


It goes back to the Rockstar philosophy of designing environments: it's meant to capture the particular feel and aesthetic of the place and the time it took place in. In terms of color palettes and art direction, it does feel that Aaron Garbut had quite a lot of sway in this, and guided Grove Street Games in this process. A lot of people have praised GSG for their environmental work, but wow they really knocked it out of the park here. 

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Cutter De Blanc

They fixed the rain and it looks a lot better, less is more

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6 hours ago, BS_BlackScout said:

Play close attention to these:






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