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TOC Gaming Organization | 16+ | Active Discord


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Discord | Social Club | Twitter | Instagram



We want to find others out there that want to work as a team by cooperating and communicating with your fellow teammates, as well as partake in community events and make friends within' the community.



The TOC Gaming Organization is a tight-knit and long-standing community of passionate gamers. We believe that building a genuine connection and having fun with fellow teammates is more important than having the highest kill count.
We are a multi-game community that promotes fairness, participation, dedication, and co-operation in the games we play and the members we participate with.




TOC offers ample opportunity to help you earn more XP, ranks, abilities, achievements, and ribbons through special activities such as training, team building, events and more! We also have dozens of in community tiers & ranks you can work towards to become model members of the community!




We maintain a strong emphasis on playing the objective and keeping things tactical through cooperation, coordination, and communication. We don't always play serious. We have our "sh*ts and giggles" matches.



We pride ourselves in our commitment to fair and positive play regardless of the game being played. We strive to maintain principles through honor and professionalism as well as doing our part to prevent toxicity, griefing, and cheating. Staff will act promptly on any accusations.



The TOC Gaming Organization welcomes any skill level from novice to expert, any participation level from casual to competitive, and any commitment level from laid-back to enthusiast.
You don't have to play 24/7, be an e-sport professional, or be a super-star live streamer.



We utilize the latest tools so we can offer our members game-based rosters for easier matchmaking, cross-platform profile linking, calendars for organized events, real-time voice and text chat, and threaded discussions via discord.



We are a multi game & multi console community. Regardless of if you play Playstation, Xbox or PC we have a home for you.


Most of our members are mature with real-life obligations like health, family, and job - our expectations are fairly loose:
 - Any Skill Level
 - Any Commitment Level
 - Any Participation Level
 - 16+ ( Most of our community is over 18)



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