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A simple issue for PC players that solves majority of performance issues


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I remember for a lot of years, and even today people complained about the game stuttering like crazy, yes it's a bad port, yes there's a lot of issues. But nowadays most PCs can run GTA IV without issue aside from stuttering. And most people just max out the settings and still complain - yes I get that a lot of more modern games can run at better FPS on better settings, but a lot of people didn't really think to simply change something. 


And the solution is... Drumroll please...


Set the Draw Distance to  21 and Detail Distance to 10.


There you go. Done. These two sliders cause majority of issues.


Now I can't really explain in full detail but basically these are console equivalent settings (both PS3 and XBOX360), and the game models, LODs and such were made with these settings in mind, and it seems like most of all, Rockstar didn't really optimize the engine for higher settings than that, and left it there. So no matter what hardware, the game will keep stuttering with these sliders maxed out due to it being, presumably an engine issue.


Draw distance is a far worse offender than detail distance, but the latter can help solve issues with pop-in.

And if my memory serves me correctly, aside from performance improvements if you drop them both you'll be seeing less pop in and less weird textures from a distance as well.


Another thing to consider is dropping Vehicle Density to 33, it doesn't really do much for the performance, but it's also the console equivalent setting and the traffic feels more legit here. Areas that should be crowded will be crowded, areas that should be emptier will be emptier. Setting it to 100 will just make every single damn area look crowded and while I get the Liberty City is a big city, I have a hard time imagining every area being filled with traffic every time at any time of the day.

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For me, I solved most of the performance and stuttering issues using DXVK. My settings for draw distance, detail distance and vehicle density are set to 40, and the game ran at a locked 60 fps at 1440p resolution 95% of the time with the occasional stutter here & there or if there's a heavy concentration of peds and vehicles in the area, but it's not on the frequency it disrupts my gameplay.


There are some videos showcasing the game running above 60 fps or at the very least have more consistent frame pacing with Vulkan over DirectX 9. Some even demonstrate it running above 60 fps at max settings.


Of course, this solution doesn't apply to everyone as it requires a GPU that supports Vulkan API.

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