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is that a sign or just a coincidence?


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ok so, i got banned about a month ago because someone, was money dropping me unwantedly while i was afk, i got banned a few days later, the first signs were that it disconnected me constantly from the game, then, i finally connected, i got tired of playing after a while, which was my worst decision since i could've enjoyed my last game.. but anyways, after i got into gta V back days later, i was banned, and i checked my email since i didnt got a notification, and i got one, i just didnt get the notification, but this really doesnt matter, the fact is, that when i got unbanned, i decided to do everything legit and be super careful while afk, for example, log off when i need to go etc. but again, that doesnt matter, yesterday i got the same signs (this time, they were less, so it might've been just an connection issue) but as i was saying, i experienced the signs just yesterday, at around 10PM, but im just going to get to the point, so, basically, i didnt get an email saying that i got banned, nor anything of that, but im kinda scared of opening the game since... you know, im scared of getting a ban screen, and i've also been scared these days of getting banned for no reason, since i've read some stuff of people getting banned for no reason at all. anyways, the point of the post is to ask to someone else who got banned that if what i experienced was either just a coincidence and everything is alright, OR, its actually a sign.

Just now, Stingray1234567 said:

lly connected, i got tired of playing after a while, which was my worst decision since i could've enjoyed my last game.. but anyways, after i got into gta V back days later, i was ba


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I can't tell if you're banned or not, you'll have to go Online and see for yourself.

All I'd say is, think very carefully about buying your next account if you eventually get banned. Rockstar doesn't deserve your money.

You can still play FiveM (or any alternative GTA V multiplayer) if you're banned from GTA Online. They will only verify your game ownership.

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