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GTA DE - savegames between platforms

David Bellic

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I am quite new here, so hello. 

i have been reading the forum since gta v was announced. Now I have a question about the upcoming DE of the trilogy which I haven't seen discused here. Please just delete this topic if it already exists.


I'm thinking if i should buy the game twice (on switch and on xbox). Therefore I'd like to know if it would be possible to continue your game seamless between platforms.


I don't think that we have any official information on that regard.

However, would you like such a feature. Do you think it is possible? If so, how could it work?


I think it would be extremely stupid not to implement such a feature because that way some (maybe stupid) people (such as me in that regards) will be more likely to double purchase the game.



Edited by David Bellic
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There's no official info on this unfortunately. I think it would be cool and useful however, given these games should all be the same versions. Perhaps a version of Social Club's cloud saving but applying to all platforms instead of just PC.

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This is basically my top requested feature for the Social Club, it's so odd why they still haven't done it. It's super frustrating to have different save files for RDRO and GTAO with different platforms. Something like this is much, much needed

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  • 2 weeks later...

I guess this information should be out and findable. But due to this flood of information, can anyone answer me this already or provide a good link where I can see how this works (if it works).

Thank you

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I'd like to wait for the physical release. But if saving between platforms is possible, I May subscribe to the Xbox gamepass and try SA in the meantime. 


Also, I May buy both the Xbox and the switch version physically. But only if I can save between platforms. Bonus question, if it's not possible, which version would you prefer?

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Thank you! 

What a shame though. Would be so easy extra money. I'm at the point now where I'm thinking if I should even purchase one version. Because I can't decide between them and just want both (compatible with each other)... 

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