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Rappers Trouble [Single Mission]


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I want to release some short mission that i've worked on in my free days, for fun. This mission is called Rappers Trouble - it tells a story, about a rapper who got fame in the underground rapping world (in 1994) and decides to show his music to his mates. Suge, dearest friend of his really likes the tune, but the other one - Jazz don't. Jazz is planning a party in a weird place, to celebrate the success of the song with Joey & Suge. Things come crashing down at the party, where something unexpected happens. Play it, and you'll see it. 


The lyrics in the cutscene are from Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E song


Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ufhwr4xq5qycybz/DYOM3.dat/file (updated - tell me if it crashes or not, hopefully not.)


Note: Saw some dialogue errors, like "alredy" and "murderf*cker", really I don't like to have errors in my missions, but I decided to keep it because i just don't have time to fix it, and I would really like to - sometimes when i export the text to DYOMtemp.txt and edit it, and import it to the mission, it can crash so that's why i don't want to risk fixing the problems rn - and the second reason is that its not on DYOM website I just did it for fun after a long time, and I love to show it to you! It's not the high level of designing the missions, gave it a try. So i'll also release fixed version soon, and tell me if it works, or not. Also: 


Spoiler: Character's route in the interior after the cutscenes might bug out, he is meant to go left side to the doors on the back. He has 100% accuracy so you can wait for him to take out all the enemies besides those that are on the balconys and have very good accuracy. The route of the character will fix by itself, after all enemies are eliminated and he'll go back to his route and go back to the doors. Simple as that



Have fun! :) Btw giving you free choice to remaster, remade or continue the mission plot (i might do the second part when)


Joey and Suge go kill Jazz (they need to find him first)

So i think if you will like it, it will be interesting to continue it :)

Edited by Horus Publishing
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