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Grand Theft Auto: Needle Point City(Repost cause put in wrong forum on accident originally)

Glosolo Cawolf

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Glosolo Cawolf


Well IDK if I'll ever complete this project that I started so I'll just talk about it now. So I like many other Grand Theft Auto fans want a new entry in the GTA series and so late last year I started my own fan project I called GTA Needlepoint City.

This game would take place in a satirical take of Seattle, Washington the only corner of the U.S. that Rockstar has yet to set a GTA game in.

The story and mission would take inspiration from the T.V. show Mr.Robot as I feel its dark tone would fit a GTA game. I wanted three protagonists all based on characters from the show (Elliot Alderson, Darlene, and Angela Moss).

I was planning to make the game in unity but the unreal engine would work perfectly fine. I wanted the game to be playable on mobile devices and PCs so models wouldn't need to be super advanced so it'd be easier to make and play. My game would be set in my own fan made universe I've been calling 'The Mobile Universe'


Above is a map concept I made when starting the project its pretty rough around the edges but get's the job done. This was also when I just called it GTA: Needle City and made a place holder logo that I replaced with the one at the top. As you can see Needlepoint is based off Seattle, Bellevue, and Mercer Island since there are three cities that it's based on I guess it could be a state but I haven't decided the scale yet.

Beachfront is based off Ocean Shores I'm not sure what it could be used for but it could be used


I bring this here as this is an ambitious project and I'm only 16 and though I know programming basics as I'm in many CS classes and am completing my second AP CS class I'm still not that great at efficient programming. I'm also no 3D modeler or great writer I'm just good at directing a project so if any skilled person would like to help with things like writing, modeling, programming, voice acting, etc. let me know. this is mostly a project passion and again I'm 16 so I can't really pay for help as I got no money and this is just a gift from the fans for the fans


PS: Sorry for dual posting new to forum and accidently posted in wrong section at first not sure which one is correct but this seems like the most relevant

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