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GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition Now Available for Pre-Order - Coming Nov 11


Message added by Spider-Vice,

Complaints & Criticisms Thread

Screenshot Fun/Memes Topic
Trilogy Soundtrack Discussion


Screenshot Analysis Topics: III | VC | SA


Please use the report feature to report rule breaking posts and avoid engaging too much! Top right of each post > three dots > Report

Initial reactions!  

1,058 members have voted

  1. 1. Now that the trailer and screenshots have been released, what do you think?

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Just now, Irisframe said:

Bad news...War drum or grove street games appearing again. Show something!

f*ck me, i thought it was gonna be Dundee.

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f*ck me dead, $90 AUD. The only one I really want to play is San Andreas, wish you could purchase each game separately.

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LoL I love this part "adapted by Grove Street Games"

Just give me steam page! it's an instant pre order from me! come on R*

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Jesus Christ does the adapted by grove Street games means adapted for mobile?

For gods sake someone reaffirm these butchers are not gonna touch my ps5 holy grail version.

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Just now, AlterEgo97 said:

319 reais??? 💀💀💀

I knew it was gonna be over 300 bucks on my country.

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4 minutes ago, DEADWOODZ said:

Release date:



Grove Street Games? As in War Drum? Well... we're f*cked.

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Ok but where's some goddamn footage? I can't believe all this hype for the 22nd has been for a single pre-order page, what the f*ck dude? There has to be something else coming today?


... r-right?


Edited by ADropInTheOcean
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3 hours ago, Spider-Vice said:

"Adapted by" means for mobile. Grove Street Games ONLY make mobile games. See their website. Calm down. lol

Thats what i was saying, we went over it a couple days ago 😛

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PS5 and Switch missing a price. Switch says coming soon... wtf?


Also the javascript seem very f*cked up with the UI interaction on the page depending on what you pick (styling issues) - feels pretty rushed by R*.

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Going to keep the hype down for now until we see actual images and a trailer. Hopefully this turns out to be a quality product. 

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3 minutes ago, Spider-Vice said:

The Xbox One and PS4 versions are coming December 6 and the store says you'll buy a physical edition.



Can you place an order worldwide?

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60 dollars and still no screenshots or trailer... Also why aren't pre-orders open for the Xbox and Switch versions?

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1 minute ago, VideoTech said:




So.. this was the '' upcoming title in 2021 '' for Groove Street games studio? ( I assume they only worked on mobile port )

Edited by pingli
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