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Radio Stations: New Tracks?


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3 hours ago, Yannerrins said:

GTA V radio already have big names on pop station, like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Lorde, so why not?

At least, this could be just my wild speculation...

GTA V's radio station is a mix and match of different era's. We got Queen, Kansas, Stevie Wonder, Jackson Sisters, Rihanna, Kendric, A$AP(s). Considering that it is set in 2013, one wouldn't expect it to have Queen or Kansas, cause they are pre-90's. 


If you ask me, it makes zero sense these days to add old songs to a game only cause it was released in a certain year. Even though certain people love classics, it's ultimately the players of various age group who will listen to those, not the fictional protags in-game. A mix and match of tasteful songs from various decades wouldn't hurt at all.

Edited by Jimmy
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I would probably want to see Rollin by limp bizkit or The next episode by Dr.Dre, but can just assume that it wouldn't fit with the gta 3 atmosphere.

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Some underground east side hip-hop station would be nice. There was a rise at this time, so then they were not so popular, now could fit and bring proper gloomy NY atmosphere. Also hope for some new dub tracks at K-Jah, there was alot at this time, same were not popular. Though always wonder why GTA2 had some acid jazz and drum and bass gems, but eventually GTA payed very little tribute to that culture in general.


3 hours ago, Jimmy said:

If you ask me, it makes zero sense these days to add old songs to a game only cause it was released in a certain year.


There a lot of records which may be never been heard by a lot of people because of passed time and limited highlightning, and there is nothing better to immortalize these old music and make it accesible for a new generation.

Edited by Bloodytears1666
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In my opinion, I don't think there would be too much change in this game, if there will be new tracks probably will be in certain stations, while Lips and Head would get some esoteric releases from unknown acts and songs from the GTA-London-2 era, but as I said before I can't see any change of music in GTA 3.


But, in the other hand seems unlikely and next to impossible but I wish R* could bring the beta stations like: WLLC, Liberty Soul, Liberty FM, Or-Bit (?) and Radio Active (?).

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I think it would be cool if they added in songs from LC Stories  especially from Lips since I think there better songs 


But like others said before not just tracks how about a new station for the Rock Genre (subgenres: Alternative Rock, Ska Rock, Metal, Nu-Metal)

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14 hours ago, Jimmy said:

That's the beauty of Skrillex. It just works everything. I once made it work on a date instead of romantic, slow songs. Huge kudos to them for being so adaptive in their tracks.

You do know he was joking right...

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Like I said in the SA topic, I don't think it'd be right to change the stations now unless it's re-adding music that was previously removed, too much time has passed and the voice actors would sound noticeably different. Not to mention the different production techniques since Lazlow is no longer working on them. The only way around it would be if they added new radio stations designed for the same era instead and even then GTA3 is an awkward one as it was designed around a budget and local deals with smaller record labels. The one thing I would like them to add back in would be Liberty Soul based on the Northern Soul genre, which would oddly fit GTA3's LC quite well:



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Doctor Butler

f*ck it, give III the same treatment the other 2 got, lol

Gorillaz, Chumbawumba, Weezer, Eminem, All-American Rejects, The Offspring - gimme that Y2K nostalgia sh*t, cause Claude is a teenage dirtbag

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On 10/16/2021 at 6:11 AM, MGgames100 said:

I feel like y'all are adding waaaaaaaaaaay too big songs by waaaaaaaaaaay too big artists to the GTA III rooster. I feel like going too overboard with licensed songs will just break the atmosphere of the game...

I highly doubt we will see any updates, even tho if I had to guess, GTA III is the most likely candidate, since all the stations are 15, max 25 minutes long, which is rather pitiful.

Here are my small predictions per station:



Original KJAH was basically one tribute Halloween album, and i feel like it should keep this theme. Not all the songs from the album actually made a cut, and IF KJAH was to get an update I feel like R* would just add the rest of the songs to the mix, basically doubling the amount of the songs on OG KJAH. Still, I kinda feel like it might be an unlikely scenario, due to some copyright problems with the label, who distributed the album itself and the artist who created those dubs - Scientist.
Scientist - The Voodoo Curse
Scientist - Blood On His Lips
Scientist - Cry Of The Werewolf

Scientist - Night Of The Living Dead

Scientist - Ghost Of Frankenstein


Rise FM

Rise was always 5 initial singles from failed record label - Generation Records, which after GTA III released like 5 more singles and then went belly up. I only think it's appropriate to just include the rest of the songs from that failed label. Yes, I'd love Rise to be more akin to its GTA LCS counterpart, but as I said, changing those stations too much would, at least for me an atmosphere breaker...
Nebulus - Layer V
Shiver - Extra Life
Slyder - Multiple Cats
Nebulus - Blueless
Slyder - Jetscream



MSX FM is also rather easy to figure out, since all of the songs from the station come from single album release - Moving Shadow 01.1. IF they would update it (which I highly doubt, they would have to track down Codebreaker MC, and I don't think he will give the same performance from 2001), I feel like they would just add more songs from this album, that didn't make a cut.

TJ Rizing - Agent 007 (This one is technically in the game already, but it's so remixed with all the songs on the playlist that's it's borderline unrecognizable)

Calyx - Catapult
Rascal & Klone - The Phoenix
Rascal & Klone - The Grind
Aquasky - Uptight
Shere Khan - One Day
Technical Itch - Crystal
Dom & Roland - Imagination

I also feel like the Foul Play's Open Your Mind (Nookie Remix), might be featured as well, mainly because it was featured on The Sound of Grand Theft Auto: A Musical History, even tho it doesn't appear anywhere else in the series.



Another rather obvious one, all they really have to do is add more songs from Scarface movie soundtrack, since that was the Flashback FM's main song source... Obviously Flashback has some of the best songs from Scarface already on it, but there are few other songs unused in the final version of the movie, and were later added as bonus tracks, and in my personal view, they would be perfect for GTA III's Flashback.
Paul Engemann - Success

Giorgio Moroder - Right Combination

Amy Holland - Turn Out The Night
Beth Anderson - Dance Dance Dance
Giorgio Moroder - Disco '79
Giorgio Moroder - No Wife No Kids (yes, this one is a bit dark for the station, but if you've watched the Scarface you'd know why this one would be perfect for GTA III)


Double Clef FM

Just more classics, nothing more, nothing less.
Ruggiero Leoncavallo - Vesti la giubba (yes, this one already appeared on the GTA LCS's Double Clef, but it was featured on the Japanese TV commercial for GTA III, and I feel like it would be a nice nod to it)
Mozart - Requiem in D Minor, K.626
Prokofiev - Dance Of The Knights
Georges Bizet - Carmen Habanera
Mozart - Requiem, KV 626 - 8. Lacrimosa
Bach - Air on the G String

Locatelli - Concerto grosso in C minor - Largo

Game Radio

Just like MSX and Rise, Game Radio was based on the songs from one label - Game, which has a sh*t ton of music released around that era, I can easily imagine R* picking up some songs. I personally chose more obscure ones, usually singles, because that's what the OG Game Radio songs usually were. Probably cheaper to get singles than an album songs, dunno.
Royce Da 5'9" - You Cant Touch Me
Lord Digga - My Flows Is Tight
Royce Da 5'9" - Take His Life ft. Tre Little
Agallah - 5 Star Millas
Royce Da 5'9" & DJ Premier - Boom
50 Cent ft. P-Dap & Pretty Ugly - Hit 'Em Up
Bad Meets Evil - Nuttin To Do (would be nice to finally hear Eminem on the GTA soundtrack ngl)
Blu Warta - This Is Luv


Head Radio

This and Lips are two hardest ones to balance out. Original one basically featured songs that were made specifically for the game, I kinda doubt, that R* would do that again, and I feel like they would just reuse GTA 1/2/LCS songs instead. We do know that the radio stations were meant to have larger role in the story line and they were meant to get more songs when you play the story, we do know one of them, but other than that it's pure guess game. I've chosen more obscure artists instead of stuff like Coldplay (bruh).

Tom Novy - Back to The Streets

Conor And Jay - Carry Me Off (no, it's NOT a beta song, stop spreading this misinformation. Still, it would be amazing nod to the GTA community if they added it!)

Ending Theme I (no, this isn't an actual song, but it getting a proper release and a name, would be really nice. Proposed name: Reality Bubble - Give Me Liberty)

Alien Crime Syndicate - What I Said
311 - I'll Be Here Awhile
Anna - Do It On Your Own (GTA II song)
15 Ways - Drive (GTA LCS song)
Accidental Superhero - 14 Miles (or really anything from Project Gotham Racing 2, it was full of indie 2000s goodies)


Lips 106

Ditto from Head Radio, tho if anything I feel like this one has more chance to get some licensed (and maybe bigger) pop songs, since its top 40 station.
Marydancin - Wash Him Off (this one really needs proper release...)

Ending Theme II (proposed name: Bleeding Stump - The Exchange)

S Club 7 - Don't Stop Movin'
So Solid Crew - 21 Seconds
Ohjaamo - Complications (GTA I song)
Pussywillows - Real Love (GTA II song)
Sunshine Shine - Mine Until Monday (GTA LCS song)
Cool Timers - Tonight (GTA LCS song)


I feel like all my choices are more or less realistic. As I said, I feel like it's rater unlikely R* will update any soundtracks at all, but if they'll, expect something more akin to my list rather than ones with big names and big hits.

amazing list, this would be perfect for adding to the game. I fully agree that i dont think they should be adding big name artists, just keep it similar to whats already there

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Don't know which radio station it would appropriately fit (maybe Lips 106), this song is the first one that plays in my head that heavily oozes off that late 1990's to early 2000's and could possibly nicely fit in with GTA III's atmosphere.



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God, I've always hated that gta 3 never had a nu metal/rapcore radio since it was massive around 1999-2003. I always thought it would've fitted a gritty urban esque setting like in Need for Speed Most Wanted. I mean Claude was an ex street racer, it makes perfect sense. 

 Personally I would like to see more underground acts to fit the indie nature of the soundtrack in gta 3 such as;



Edited by Brian X
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I don't want to be mean but I think such conversation doesn't make sense. I believe the point of the definitive edition is just to provide fresh experience with modern graphics rather than changing anything related to soundtrack, missions, etc. I think the question that you should be asking is "Did they manage to re-arrange the license for all the songs that they have previously cut from San Andreas and Vice City?".

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Another question, will GTA III radio be the same one track, or will feature random mixes with separate DJs lines and adds?

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It's unlikely that many songs will be removed from the game considering 80 percent of the soundtrack is in-house music created by rockstar themselves.

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9 hours ago, stef_92 said:

I don't want to be mean but I think such conversation doesn't make sense. I believe the point of the definitive edition is just to provide fresh experience with modern graphics rather than changing anything related to soundtrack, missions, etc. I think the question that you should be asking is "Did they manage to re-arrange the license for all the songs that they have previously cut from San Andreas and Vice City?".

Before the reveal trailer, nobody knew what to expect, so it was understandable to see the idea of added music. Obviously now we know it's almost guaranteed that did not happen.

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Game FM



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Chrome Zentorno

Nu Metal songs would help add to the 2000s atmosphere 






Edited by RamsaySaint77
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Game FM


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Just some I hope they add to Game FM


Slam - Onyx

No Fear O.G.C.

We in there - Boogie down productions

Blow your mind - Redman

Craig mack - flava in ya ear

DWYCK - Gang Starr

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