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Rockstar's update today

i love misty

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i love misty

Rockstar Games seems to be patching up loopholes that allowed me to modify GTA5 in the past.

After today's patch, it seems that I will be spending much of my free time testing what works and doesn't work anymore.


I seem to have problems with:

(files in Mods folder) x64e, x64i, x64w, patchday3ng

These contain replace car mods. Therefore, not all the cars can be replaced, only some.


Things that still work:

Infinite Question gameconfig Vanilla Traffic Density

QuantX ENB

Inter's GTA5 Car Pack (with old cars deleted)

Replace car mods outside the buggy folders


Things that no longer work:

ScriptHook V and Trainer V (hasn't worked in a while)

Liberty Cry Remix (hasn't worked in a while)

Any sort of map mods

Replace car mods within the folders specified earlier

Essentially this seems to be the dark age of GTA Modding.


So long, old garage. (The car on the right used to be a convertible Gallardo, but the replace mods bug prohibits that.)

Edited by i love misty
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The latest version should be 1.0.2372.2 from August 17th, 2021, and most mods support this version fine. You might probably have not updated your mods.

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i love misty

The reason why I say this is because I last updated my mods just the day before (2 days ago now).

So either it's my own error, which I haven't found the solution for yet (and I need some patience), or a system error.

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i love misty

After much trial and error, I got my mods back.

I'm not sure if you all knew this or not, but after my game error, I had to reinstall each mod individually instead of simply replacing my new mods folder with the old contents, because that would only lead to a partial restore and the bugged folders.

As far as the other mods that didn't work before, I doubt they will work again, so I'm not going to try.

Hopefully no one else gets the same error.

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