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Old GTA concept of mine, project 'One Blood'


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Hi all,


While we are keen to see a brand-new Grand Theft Auto announcement, I thought it would be nice to have some daydreaming, so I would like to share my own fan made concept I have written several years ago. Not diving into programming studies is something I will always regret, because a lot of ideas come to my mind time to time, would be so fantastic to make them real with the knowledge and experience of the real boundaries. Staying in reality, this is an amateur fanfiction. I started it around 2008 and finished in 2018, worked on it with shorter and longer breaks. Of course, I was thrilled to share it with Rockstar Games the time I finished it, even too aggressively in enthusiasm, so no wonder I have never got an answer. Anyway, after all those years I was making notes, at least I am sharing with you now, see what you think, what would you like, what you would not. :)


The game was planned to set in a fictional reiteration of Florida as an island state called Faunida with wide range of both flora and fauna, including Everglades with airboat races and yes, our beloved Vice City with its surrounding neighborhoods, extended with the western islands of the Bahamas. The story was set in two iconic eras of Miami as inspiration: 1988, when authorities could finally get stronger and defeat underworld mafias, and in 2004, when the city started to change its look and grow rapidly from all those bloody drug money they impounded.


The key features were meant to be:

  • A whole new approach of game design that is all about variables and modules. I called it ‘reflective gameplay’ as the program should track and learn how the individual gamer is playing the game. Missions would have open modules where the way how enemies are placed and set to move, also the weaponry and accessories they use, the place of explosives barrels, the type of vehicles used, etc. would be calculated and set by the player’s previous progress. In one hand, player could meet with approaches and experiences what he or she likes, but on the other hand, the program could turn it against him/her time to time to make the player evolve, master skills, or try another approach, also granting no new game would be the same after a fresh start over. Finetuning would be a key here.
  • I think there are always lack of on-water activities in GTA games, so I gave a big focus on them.
  • Another area where I feel GTA is needed to evolve is the wanting system. I have written down a concept where it is a more layered thing, where cops were not trying to catch you aggressively from the beginning, but also makes you put more effort in losing them. Instead of simple ‘star levels’, authorities are trying to depict your criminal profile, and player should make changes. For example, when authorities depict the protagonist’s look, he (or she) should change clothes for a time, if they get the car type color, it should be repainted, when the license plate is read, then the plate should be changed at underworld contacts, ability to bribing some cops and more.
  • After GTA V was announced, I have started to play with the idea of mutiple playable characters, and I imagined a different approach. I have found hard to fall in love with three equal characters, I could not engage as deep as in previous GTA games, so I made the story around one main leading protagonist with two additional supporting main characters who are still essential to storytelling, but not leading, furthermore, giving option to control interesting characters for a single mission as some kind of easter eggs, such as beloved characters from previous GTA games, and even the main antagonist of the game. Also used the opportunity to implement characters who were not seen ast protagonists in previous GTA games for the two additional cast: a female protagonist and an undercover cop. I loved to play with the contrary pair of a typical mafia leader and an undercover cop who is forced to team up, both thinking the other is his puppet, while the reality is that they are both depending on each other equally: one could get imprisoned while the other could has his cover blown up anytime, but working together with all the information and capabilities they have is the biggest power in the underworld. It is all about a chess game between this two, and chess game rules were one of the main inspirations for the story concept beside Miami Vice season 5, Game of Thrones and other popular entertainment products, tribe culture motifs and more.
  • The story was about to show differences between the 80’s and later Vice City through an eye of an old tough guy who learns things got changed and the good old ways are not working anymore. Instead of being a team among many in a drug war, he builds an empire that is more about a service: opening a new, decent smuggling route for literally anything, not just drugs, something that everyone in the underworld will depend on not just locally, but up to Liberty City and San Fierro.


Please note that most of the ideas are already outdated as I was writing many parts of this concept more than 10 years ago, also my English was much worse, I was originally writing on Hungarian that time and tried to translate it, but I feel it is time to let this dream go, and do not put any more effort to upgrade and rewrite it, just share with you guys here, among many other fantastic and more beaturiful ideas of yours, and just see what you think. :) 


Project 'One Blood' (PDF)

Edited by VISALI
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I like the "alive" gameplay idea. Give you something new to chew on every time you restart the game.


The dynamic with the undercover cop reminds me of CTW and the dynamic between Wade Heston and Huang.


And also, such a coincidence that I was also planning a concept set in 2004 VC.


I'm definitely giving this a read.

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This is very promising. I like the cassette feature and time skip in this.


you should tag this thread as a concept and continue it if you can.

Edited by sabitsuki
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3 hours ago, sabitsuki said:

you should tag this thread as a concept and continue it if you can.


Thank you guys, I added the tag. :)

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The Coconut Kid

Great stuff. You should consider posting more of these. You've got a knack for it.

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The Notorious MOB

Wow this is incredible. Also a really novel way of presenting it. I'm going to start working my way through this over time since it's a pretty massive document but perhaps it might be a good idea to summarise the major sections and post them on here. I definitely applaud you for the effort but I know some may find it a bit overwhelming and sleep on it.

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This is excellent, man. I'd go as far as to say this is what professional level design documentation of a video game concept should look like. Very well written and organized. Yes, it's a ton to read. I think it's always good practice to assume your audience has ADHD. Maybe not a bad, thing, though. Looking forward to reading all of it over the next week.

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