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Mizzy's Collection


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What's up everyone? so i heard this is the place to go to share my collection. it's not much compared to some of these people here but it's coming along.

i just love the GTA series and wanted to share my game room with all of you!



Game Wall to display series collections



GTA1,London,2 for PS1(Top) GTA III,Vice City for PS2, San Andreas PS2 & Xbox(Middle) GTA:LCS,GTA:VCS for PS2 & PSP, GTA:CTW for PSP



GTA:IV,GTA:EFLC,GTA V for PS3 (Top) GTA:IV,GTA:EFLC,GTA V for Xbox 360 (Middle), GTA Advance,GTA 1 & 2 for GBC,GTA V for PS4 & Xbox One



GTA Collectors Edition For PS1, GTA The Directors Cut for PS1,GTA:SA Special Edition for PS2,GTA The Trilogy for PS2 & Xbox, GTA III & VC Double Pack for PS2 & Xbox



GTA:IV Special Edition for PS3



GTA:SA on Projector (PS4)



GTA:VC for PS2 on Backwards Compatible PS3



GTA Chinatown Wars for DS played on New 3DS



GTA:VCS played on PSP GO



Japanese GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas with PSX




GTA 1 Played on PSOne with LCD



GTA 2 for Dreamcast





GTA 1, 2 & Advance with Custom Cases




My Retro Corner to my game room

Edited by YoMizzy
Added pics and captions
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Still dope your PStv still works. You get the best picture on a CRTV.

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1 hour ago, Arthurmorgan1918 said:

Incredible room and collection!

Thanks so much! 

3 hours ago, ROCKSTAR MANIC said:

Still dope your PStv still works. You get the best picture on a CRTV.

Honestly it's barely played on. Everything in the room is controlled by a HDMI Matrix Switcher so I can play any system or computer on any screen all at once or to certain screen. And absolutely for my older systems that's why I got the Sony. Thing was a pain to get down in my basement tho. 

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