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GTA VI - online or singleplayer?


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GTA V was pretty much designed for online from the start. Only thing is that Rockstar didn't expect online would have the impact it actually did. Once the short story was over there was very little left to do and Rockstar deliberately ensured nothing of value was added to singleplayer while simultaneously updating online all the time (and also blocking glitches that made it possible for players to use online content in singleplayer). Online has taken over to the extent that ''GTA V'' has become synonymous with GTA: Online.


With RDR2, the story is really the foundation of the game, and there are a lot more to do than in GTA V and much more attention to details. The question is how it will be with GTA VI? Will we get a short story, an empty city, and then online to fill it all out? Or will GTA VI be more similar to RDR2 where the story and the open world is first, and online second?


To me, personally, GTA VI will be the first GTA game that I won't pre-order. The most recent trailer for the second gta 5 remaster made it clear to me that it is most likely the best decision.


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Definitely not online. Definitely.


I mean, I have never played Online in my life and I'm not going to, but the reason I don't want Online in the next installment is because I don't really like waiting to download I don't know how many GBs of update files every so often, files that I don't even need or use. I don't have that much time to play games anyway and the last thing I always want is to run GTA after 2 weeks or so just to be greeted by a new download bar that says 2 hours to finish. Nobody got time for that.

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We're gonna get the singleplayer. Not as long and detailed as in RDR II but still... 


But in a month or so after the release... oh sh!t, here we go again


Another decade with GTA Online (2.0) will begin

Edited by Rajder
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"GTA V was pretty much designed for online from the start"

[citation needed]

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18 hours ago, The_Ghost said:

"GTA V was pretty much designed for online from the start"

[citation needed]

GTA Online with a Story Mode. And that's the future... sadly . I smell GTA Online 2.0 with Singleplayer Story Elements in Episodes.

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60017 Silver Fox

Right now all I know is if it's online only I probably won't get the game at all because i'm not a fan of online gaming and haven't done any online gaming since GTA O first came out.

I can see it being similar to V where there is a single player like all prior GTAs but once online comes out, all focus shifts to it exclusively so people like myself who don't like online will be stuck with whatever they put out with no chance of DLCs to enhance the SP experience. 

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How about both??? You guys really need to get with the times and accept the fact that online gaming is just as relevant and has more longevity than single player gaming nowadays , this topic is getting beyond old 😂😂😂

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reactionary comments are the worst....they have decades worth of ideas for GTA, they won't be dumb enough to ruin this 

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Singleplayer campaign is a given, but post-launch support will very likely be reserved just for the Online component. Though if VI has an evolving map as Jason Schreier and some others say, I could perhaps see them releasing a small campaign everytime they add a new chunk of map to the game, assuming it's a big enough location. If that happens though, it will surely take place over the many years and not anytime soon after the release of the singleplayer campaign.

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Singleplayer. When you have done it and almost every detail in it. It's just Online. At least for me. I mean GTA V single player came out like 10 years ago, lol. I don't think there's gonna be another GTA in the next 10 years or so after VI release. R* focuses on Online, because of the business and the want to make money as much as possible.

But it would be great if some kind of gaming company could make a game like GTA. Cyberpunk failed and to be honest, I don't want old sh*t or future sh*t. I just want modern open world game with the best graphics and settings possible.

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  • 5 weeks later...

screw Multiplayer!! FR!

They have gta Online and they can play around in that mess how much they want but I HOPE they will concentrate the resources into making a better storyline and detailing the game.

Another idea would be something like rdr2 online.. make an online only version some years later... 

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